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1"Ithaca: Gateway to the Wine Trail"  2  1May 29, 2013Thomps  Hilton Head Island
2"Ithaca - NY"Oct 30, 2011de_dalmolin  Estado de São Paulo
3"Finger Lakes Region"  3  10Aug 13, 2009apbeaches  New York City
4"Ithaca"  9  40Jul 2, 2007Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
5"Ithaca - Finger Lakes Base"  9  18May 7, 2007davesut   Manchester
6"Ithaca NY - Finger Lake Region"  7  13Apr 17, 2007windoweb  Edinboro
7"Taughenauck falls,Trumansburg"  1Mar 13, 2007ladysparky  Columbus
8"My personal heaven"  3Sep 18, 2006leigh767  Hong Kong
9"Ithaca"  16  24Aug 2, 2006Fewf  Swampscott
10"Ithaca (is Gorges), New York"  17  10Apr 4, 2006ianerin  Indianapolis
11"Ithaca, New York"  5  9Mar 27, 2006meteorologist1  Chicago
12"Ithaca NY"  3  7Sep 24, 2005klj&a  Seattle
13"Taughannock Falls in Fall"  3Jul 3, 2005TaberTouch  Germantown
14"Ithaca, NY"Nov 28, 2004Mike0211  Buffalo
15"Ithaca is Gorges"  11  2Jul 26, 2004caellymn  Wahiawa
16"Ithaca, almost like a second home"  17  12Feb 22, 200478Eva  Wyoming
17"Ithaca is Gorges"  2Aug 19, 2003KTF-NY  Winterville
18"So much to do"  28  14Jun 28, 2003kooka3  Huntingtown
19"Journey to Ithaca"  14  17May 30, 2003yooperprof  Marquette
20"Ithaca, NY-not as it seems..."May 17, 2003tuckersdad  Ithaca
21"Ithaca, NY"Nov 10, 2002cwcit  Claytor Lake State Park
22"Ithaca is Gorges"  1  1Oct 27, 2002Boatergal  Newfield
23"Like the Lady Said: Ithaca is Gorges"  30  38Aug 22, 2002TempNomad  Brooklyn
24"Ithaca"  1Aug 4, 2002NYMansour  North America
25"valle's new Ithaca Page"  1May 27, 2002valle  Manila
26"Ithaca is Gorges (a popular correct car sticker)"  1  2Apr 23, 2002Dr._Aldakov  Moscow
27"dreamline's new Ithaca Page"  1Apr 17, 2002dreamline  Ithaca
28"Far Above Cayuga's Waters"  24  16Apr 12, 2002TRimer  Geneva
29"Ithaca is Gorges ..."  7  8Dec 22, 2001SaveAPitBull  World
30"NielsM's new Ithaca Page"  1  2Jul 9, 2001NielsM  Utrecht
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