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1"Albany, NY"  1Aug 5, 2010WaRPer  Bangkok
2"Albany-Capitol of New York"  1  1Apr 22, 2009danielgorg  World
3"Albany museum tour"  2  5Apr 22, 2009paultrip2  Florida Keys
4"My home town Albany, New York"  2Dec 27, 2008nancy531  Albany
5"Albany - New York State's Capital Region"  7Nov 1, 2008FancyShoes  Albany
6"Capital Visit"  4  7Jul 16, 2008apbeaches   New York City
7"Albany, NY the New York Capital"  6  25Apr 4, 2007davecallahan  Greece
8"Albany"  2Nov 7, 2006Fewf  Swampscott
9"HEY MOM, I MADE IT TO THE CAPITAL"  15  15Sep 17, 2006moiraistyx  Rock Hill
10"Our Home"May 18, 2006Adventuredogs  Albany
11"Albany, capital of New York State"  1Sep 12, 2005ashishashar  Toronto
12"Tour from an Albany Native"  10  4Mar 7, 2005ArtiAbsinthium  Albany
13"Albany -- a blast from the past"  2Jan 22, 2005beachcomberT  Daytona Beach
14"Flying South for the Winter"  2Aug 29, 2004rdywenur  Rochester
15"The Capital of New York"  4  11Jun 20, 2004Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
16"Albany ,New York"  1  1May 20, 2004RACCOON1  Toronto
17"Capital of New York"  17  19Mar 27, 2004Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
18"Capital of the Empire State"  9  10Dec 27, 2003mrclay2000  Oklahoma City
19"New York State's Capital"  8  11Nov 19, 2003frankcanfly  Baltimore
20"Albany - Capital City..."  3Aug 9, 2003cucaracha  Cincinnati
21"Albany New York"  1  2Jul 12, 2003shiran_d  London
22"Albany, NY"Sep 9, 2002cwcit  Claytor Lake State Park
23"Poco77's new Albany Page"  2Aug 11, 2002Poco77  Rock Hill
24"NYMansour's new Albany Page"Jul 17, 2002NYMansour  North America
25"hm8181's new Albany Page"  2  2Jul 8, 2002hm8181  Washington D.C.
26"bettijo62's Albany Page"Apr 26, 2002bettijo62  Albany
27"TerhiT's new Albany Page"  2Mar 25, 2002TerhiT  Montreal
28"Tchr's Albany Page"Jan 13, 2002Tchr  Clark
29"Albany, New York"  1Nov 20, 2001John_P_LSU  Houston
30"and yet another year"  1Mar 18, 2001briana77  Albany
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