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1"Princeton, NJ"  1Oct 21, 2010WaRPer  Bangkok
2"Princeton - centuries of academic tradition"  1Sep 9, 2008Fariz  Baku
3"Princeton"  1  5Jul 25, 2008katalin  Erd
4"Princeton, NJ"  3  7Jul 16, 2008apbeaches  New York City
5"Princeton"  3Jul 15, 2008luvtrvlg  Las Vegas
6"Princeton, New Jersey, USA"  8Jun 15, 2007chronusfree68  Cambridge
7"Princeton - More than just a University"  8  47Jun 15, 2007grandmaR  Leonardtown
8"Princeton ~ New Jersey"  20  45Apr 19, 2007starship  United States of America
9"Statues of Princeton"  2Mar 5, 2007penpoison  East New York
10"Princeton"  3Aug 26, 2006jumanuel  World
11"Princeton, New Jersey"  1Jul 16, 2006RawdgerDodger  West Los Angeles
12"Princeton"  3Oct 11, 2005cfuentesm  Mexico City
13"Princeton is Central"  1Aug 28, 2005glomom  Princeton
14"Princeton: Decent university, GREAT wine shop"  13  32Aug 6, 2005acemj  Philadelphia
15"The Greatest University between Harvard and Duke"  1  2Aug 6, 2005etfromnc  Matthews
16"Princeton, NJ"  3Feb 15, 2005MandaJ320  Charlotte
17"Princeton Area"  13  14Nov 19, 2004SmileyLeSa  New Jersey
18"The Princeton University Campus"  4  5Jul 14, 2004Yuriche  Buffalo
19"Princeton, New Jersey"  1Dec 23, 2003JasmindaKA  Princeton
20"Princeton, New Jersey"  2Nov 19, 2003luna_tick  Houston
21"Princeton, NJ"  33  7Aug 31, 2003dzni  Columbia
22"Hardy Sisters' Summer 2003 Road Trip (V)"  1  5Aug 22, 2003AleMich13  Miami
23"zChris' Princeton"  9  10Jun 19, 2003zChris  Cambridge
24"Here One Day - Gone the Next"  8  8May 26, 2003Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
25"Princeton"  3  4Feb 14, 2003seagoingJLW  Coconut Creek
26"Princeton/Plainsboro Area"  23  26Feb 12, 2003frankcanfly  Baltimore
27"Princeton University 1997-2002"  2Oct 31, 2002hyperbolictans  Princeton
28"Grounds for Sculpture"Sep 20, 2002londonbabe  London
29"remosito's Princeton Page"  10  9Aug 30, 2002remosito  South America
30"You don't have to be Einstein to enjoy this town!"  4Jan 1, 1990feline01  New Jersey
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