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1"Portsmouth"  11  21Oct 27, 2013CEP1863  Birmingham
2"Portsmouth - A Classic New England Town"  3  2Aug 11, 2012rudysmom626  Westport
3"Quaint New England Town on the Water"  1  8Dec 14, 2011LadyRVG  New York State
4"Strawbery Banke"  1  5Sep 29, 2011grandmaR  Leonardtown
5"Portsmouth"  4  22Apr 11, 2011Jim_Eliason  Grand Prairie
6"Blame it on SAM!!"  30  77Nov 9, 2010Gypsystravels  United States of America
7"Portsmouth"  1  3Oct 22, 2009LadyXoc  Illinois
8"Lowest Elevation, Highest Hip Quotient"  1  2Feb 28, 2009gilescorey  Barcelona
9"More Behind the sign"  42  156Oct 15, 2008BruceDunning  Huntsville
10"Portsmouth, home sweet home."  1  1Jun 26, 2008silieputty  Portsmouth
11"PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE"  1  8May 23, 2008Rich62  Kearney
12"Cool NH seaside town"  2May 3, 2008nyceagle1633  Jersey City
13"A Nice Waterside Town"  66  294Apr 16, 2008cjg1  New York City
14"Nicer than expected"  2Jan 19, 2008shaman97  Sacramento
15"Portsmouth - On the (What?) River"  12  42Oct 13, 2007Rixie  California
16"My 1st VT meet ever"  3Oct 7, 2007glo39  New Hampshire
17"Goin' to Portsmouth"  39Oct 7, 2007spgood301  New York State
18"PORTSMOUTH"  1Oct 6, 2007Daja123  Slovenia
19"Portsmouth"  20Sep 30, 2007Kaspian  North Bay
20"LOVELY PORTSMOUTH - HISTORIC SEAPORT TOWN"  16  86Sep 30, 2007LoriPori  Windsor
21"Sleepy little town on the Maine/NH border on Ocean"  1  21Sep 29, 2007Tom_In_Madison  Madison
22"Having Fun on the Cruise to the Isles of Shoals"  43Sep 29, 2007Waalewiener  Windsor
23"Charming Portsmouth"  3  24Sep 29, 2007jelw  Oyster
24"Portsmouth"  1Sep 28, 2007balfor  Atlanta
25"Portsmouth, NH"  3  21Sep 27, 2007thecatsmeow  Washougal
26"Portsmouth VT meeting September 21-23, 2007"  12  56Sep 26, 2007Dabs  Chicago
27"Portsmouth NH"  5  32Sep 25, 2007benazer  London
28"Portsmouth, New Hampshire"  1  17Sep 25, 2007JennysTravels  Sardegna
29"New Hampshire Seacoast Party!"  14Sep 23, 2007loisl  Sargans
30"Whirlwind in Portsmouth"  2Sep 23, 2007TropicGirl77  New York State
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