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1"Wish it would stop raining!"  1  2Jun 4, 2012ReubenLA  Los Angeles
2"Cook Islands"  2Sep 24, 2009dhight  Hamilton
3"A Taste of the Cook Islands"  26Jul 9, 2009Kimi_the_Bear  New Zealand
4"A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts"  4May 8, 2009Tusitala  Bangkok
5"Island Paradise in the South Pacific"  2Mar 4, 2009stanno  Christchurch
6"Cook Islands"  1  19Dec 1, 2008prazlin  Germany
7"Taste of paradise"  3Oct 22, 2008Noel_Leon  Torino
8"Cook Islands"Jan 7, 2008girlienz  World
9"The Cook Islands"  1Nov 15, 2007mikp  Perth
10"Cook Islands"Sep 18, 2007clevdeb  Brisbane
11"Budget traveling on the Cook Islands!!"  1  3May 17, 2007Femkehaagsma  World
12"Rarotonga - Cook Islands"May 1, 2007jiffy124  Carrum
13"Aitutaki - What a place!"  1Apr 2, 2007wife2004  Norfolk
14"Cook Islands For Relaxing"  2Dec 20, 2006robandken  London
15"Cook Islands"  40  89Dec 10, 2006easterntrekker  Halifax
16"Cook Islands -Raratonga"  1Dec 4, 2006ysio  Warsaw
17"Famous Cook islands!"  1Nov 27, 2006Sergeyu  Riga
18"The Cooks"  1  2Sep 18, 2006salisbury3933  Upper Hutt
19"Rarotonga - Paradise on Earth"  12  27Jun 11, 2006emmicat  Vancouver
20"marqueses"  1  8Mar 31, 2006jennie01  England
21"Cook Islands"  3Jan 10, 2006CocoyChe  Philadelphia
22"Cook Islands--Step back in time"  2  5Dec 18, 2005calbears91  Honolulu
23"A South Pacific paradise"  36  47Oct 7, 2005worldkiwi  Auckland Region
24"Cook Islands, the dogs are friendly..."  1  2Jun 2, 2005tna  Lewes
25"Rarotonga, the Pacific jewel"  1  2Apr 10, 2005jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
26"COOK ISLANDS"  3Feb 2, 2005KIRKING  Seattle
27"Rarotonga"  1Oct 6, 2004misa11  Copenhagen
28"Cook Islands"  8  3Sep 27, 2004rehabber  Redwood City
29"The Cook Islands - (In Progress)"  1May 26, 2004Denzil2005  Milton Keynes
30"Paradise Undiscovered"  1  2Apr 7, 2004Chiliweenie  Écaussinnes-Lalaing
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