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1"Rude argumentative ppl everywhere"Jan 31, 2013Bealseybaby  World
2"Fargo"  13  21Feb 18, 2011grayfo  Royal Leamington Spa
3"Fargo, North Dakota"  8  22Sep 10, 2009riorich55   Naperville
4"Fargo, US"  3Sep 1, 2008dromosapien  Faribault
5"Fargo"  10  22Mar 28, 2008Tdawg40sw  Fargo
6"Lots of FAR and not much GOing on...."  3Sep 9, 2007steedappeal  Greenwich
7"My Town"  1Feb 21, 2007djlembke  Fargo
8"Brrrrrrr...."  2Oct 5, 2005LouisianaTraveler  Baton Rouge
9"Worst then the movie, very industrial and rude"Aug 28, 2005omaha1982  Colorado Springs
10"Like palm springs... w/o the palms, or the Spring"May 24, 2005LoveToSkank85  Fargo
11"Fargo - West Fargo, North Dakota"  17  24Apr 16, 2005my2kids  West Fargo
12"Fargo"Feb 14, 2005Nkki  Bismarck
13"In the Begining"Oct 16, 2004NoLongerThere  Groton
14"Boring, Rude and Racist"  1Aug 25, 2004midwesterner19  Colorado Springs
15"Peaceful and Friendly Fargo"  1Aug 1, 2004kjono  Florida
16"Fargo (The Town, Not the Movie!)"  2  12Feb 8, 2004where2next  Boston
17"Fargo, North Dakota"  2  4Nov 21, 2003kailasakes37  Fargo
18"Such nice people!!!"  2  1Oct 19, 2003jadex  Cheshire
19"Fargo - more than just tree mulchers!"  7  9Oct 18, 2003frankcanfly  Baltimore
20"What you see is what you get"  5  6Jul 24, 2003zrim  Northfield
21"Fargo"  2  2Mar 26, 2003nolson  Fargo
22"Fargo"  1Mar 20, 2003benfergy  Moorhead
23"Fargo - Land of no relief!"Jan 16, 2003jeffwinter  Minneapolis
24"charlize's new Fargo Page"  1Mar 7, 2002charlize  Fargo
25"Fargo"  10  4Feb 24, 2002sketchyhand  Minneapolis
26"Fargo, Oh yah, you betcha!"  2  2Feb 13, 2002pipsqueak  Minnesota
27"Fargo Page"Dec 22, 2001dapoohda  Fargo
28"Fargo ND"  1  1Nov 27, 2001mytravels  Dallas
29"Fargo, ND"  7  7Oct 25, 2001fargoman  Buhl
30"Fargo - We used to shop there"  5  5Apr 9, 2001Redlats  Winnipeg
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