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10"Camping in the mountians"Jul 7, 2006sunnifla  Florida
11"Cherokee Indian Reservation in Cherokee, NC"  3Sep 11, 2005butterflykizzez04  Nashville
12"From ancient times to new commercialism"  5  6Aug 1, 2005goingsolo  Fort Lauderdale
13"Cherokee, North Carolina"  1Jul 24, 2003meteorologist1  Chicago
14"Indian Town entrance to Great Smoky Mountains"  2  4Dec 23, 2002grandmaR  Leonardtown
15"Cherokee North Carolina"  2  1Dec 19, 2002lecrow  Fall Branch
16"Cherokee is like going home for me."  1Oct 23, 2002cherokeelady41  Lexington
17"10acn's new Cherokee Page"  2Sep 13, 200110acn  North America
18"S-bahns Cherokee, NC"  4Aug 23, 2001sbahns  Arthurdale