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1"Home of my in-laws"May 17, 2010Sienlu   Venice
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5"So this is where I live"  3Jun 4, 2007imlikeabird  Springfield
6"Slow Progress into Culture"Mar 15, 2006vVHeavyVv  Springfield
7"My new Home(r) Town"Mar 7, 2006Imaniac  Ningbo
8"My home town!"  4  2Feb 14, 2006MELEBR  Springfield
9"Springfield, Missouri"  1  3Jan 21, 2006Harley1231  Birmingham
10"It's my home town..."  4Feb 12, 2004FanOfDante  Wichita
11"Springfield"  34  20Jan 25, 2004Moustique  Saint Louis
12"Springfield, Missouri"  1  2Nov 16, 2003Paulie_D  Upminster
13"Springfield, Mo"  1Sep 18, 2003Jersey_John  Springfield
14"One of the Oddest Histories in the Midwest"  43  43Apr 20, 2003mrclay2000  Oklahoma City
15"Springfield. Home sweet home."Apr 8, 2003stm510s  Springfield
16"Ahh! Home."  4  4Dec 3, 2002crdoc  Springfield
17"Wiserfrog's Springfield Page"Jun 22, 2002wiserfrog  Missouri
18"HomeBrews's new Springfield Page"May 22, 2002HomeBrews  Springfield
19"turabiangirl's new Springfield Page"  7  4May 2, 2002turabiangirl  Springfield
20"Springfield, Missouri"  2Apr 24, 2002tchesser  Kansas City
21"Starlas's new Springfield Page"  1Apr 4, 2002Starlas  United States of America
22"NSRA Springfield Nationals"  2  9Jun 24, 2001Boozoo  Hereford
23"brdwtchr's new Springfield Page"  12  23Jan 6, 2001brdwtchr  Kansas
24"TheFish's new Springfield Page"  2Sep 7, 2000TheFish  Dublin
25"evybaby's new Springfield page"  1Feb 8, 2000evybaby  Tampa