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1"Papua New Guinea - Personal Memories"  13  40Mar 10, 2014wabat   Canberra
2"Papua New Guinea"Feb 29, 2012SerenityChaos  Cairns
3"Mount Hagen, Alutao, Samarai"  1  3Apr 15, 2010odos  Kastoria
4"PAPUA NEW GUINEA"  1May 22, 20091+1  Northern Territory
5"Papua New Guinea"  2  8Jan 12, 2009KoanSeeker  Gold Coast
6"THE BEST PNG EXPERIENCE"  3Aug 4, 2008warrug  London
7"Papua New Guinea"  2  11Jul 20, 2008skatzcatz  Darwin
8"PNG wasm my home for 13 years"  1Sep 24, 2007thecape  Beachmere
9"Diving in Papua New Guinea"  3Aug 26, 2007lmscott  Georgia
10"The Dani People"  1Jul 29, 2007Gon62  Berchtesgaden
11"PAPUA NEW GUINEA"  2Mar 1, 2007applixman  Siracusa
12"Papua New Guinea"Nov 23, 2006Natakea  Honolulu
13"Welcome to the Junlge"  1Jul 22, 2006mark_26  Hobart
14"PNG"Mar 25, 2006ricapies  Cape Town
15"The Land of the Unexpected..."  2Oct 30, 2005Merrell  Canada
16"Experience"  1  3Jun 16, 2005Dirk64  Mönchengladbach
17"Welcome to the jungle"  8  5Jun 14, 2005Mark_24  Spas
18"The Sepik River"  2  3Apr 10, 2005jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
19"Papua New Guinea"  36  34Jul 3, 2004grets  Bristol
20"Papua New Guinea - Land of the Unexpected"  1Jun 20, 2004avelmans  General Santos City
21"Papua New Guinea"  62  79Feb 12, 2004jadedmuse  Saint Louis
22"Great ocean,great highlands in Papua New Guinea!"  27Jan 21, 2004AyurinHiro  Osaka
23"Diving in PNG"  1Nov 12, 2003scuba_girl  Boston
24"Papua New Guinea"Apr 13, 2003hermanibn  Monterey
25"Hiking in the highlands"Oct 19, 2002supermoon  London
26"Papua New Guinea"Oct 4, 2002fifa00  Adelaide
27"raviv_ta's new Papua New Guinea Page"  11  13Jul 19, 2002raviv_ta  Israel
28"Welcome to Papua New Guinea"  5  6May 11, 2002Kristin21  Aachen
29"challenging, but great destination"Apr 28, 2002manfromsb  World
30"Papua New Guinea -The Last Paradise"  8  21Apr 6, 2002dayfiel  Thuwal
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