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1"Columbia, MO"  1Oct 24, 2012kawanua  Los Angeles
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3"Can't live in the Past, Great Place, long gone"  3  9Apr 2, 2007Toughluck  Valparaiso
4"The Longer I Stay, The More I Like It"  2Oct 31, 2006LizTungsten  Columbia
5"M-I-Z-Z-O-U"  9  16Jul 31, 2006cckbp7   Saint Louis
6"Home of the University of Missouri"  5Feb 25, 2005hersheybar  Hershey
7"Home Sweet Home"  2Jul 11, 2004cathiic  Columbia
8"Lazlo's Columbia Page"  1Jul 5, 2002MRobertson  Columbia
9"Columbia, MO"  2  3Mar 27, 2002drmorf  Winlock
10"Its Halfway Between St. Louis and Kansas City"  2Dec 13, 2000chuckinmo  Columbia
11"KristinaLMF's new Columbia page"  3  4May 13, 2000KristinaLMF  Tarzana