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1"Saint Paul"  5  23Nov 18, 2012kemisteryoso  Winnipeg
2"Minnesota's State Capital"  9  10Sep 25, 2010Donna_in_India   New Jersey
3"Saint Paul, US"  3Sep 10, 2008dromosapien  Faribault
4"Visit the Republic of Saint Paul!"Jan 26, 2008mirvine  Saint Paul
5"Which one is the evil twin?"  3Dec 23, 2007rundoyle4  Northville
6"Saint Paul"  15  46Sep 1, 2007sim1  Sweden
7"Not much time but this place was cool"  1Aug 8, 2007HotRodEtte  Woodhaven
8"St. Paul - Minnesota's Grand Old City"  31  116Aug 2, 2007goodfish   Minneapolis
9"Saint Paul, Minnesota"  15  48Jun 8, 2007Stephen-KarenConn  Pikeville
10"Our Home Town"  3May 15, 2007RobynRLP  Saint Paul
11"St. Paul"  1Jul 30, 2006CC81  Antigua Guatemala
12"The Twin Cities are a pleasant surprise"  1Apr 12, 2006sqmk5  Saint Paul
13"The Twin Cities"Mar 26, 2006bnx5  Saint Paul
14"West of the St. Croix River"  3  1Dec 28, 2005Foriano  Minneapolis
15"The Twin City"  22Dec 16, 2005queensgirl  Brooklyn
16"St. Paul/Minneapolis"  2  5Dec 12, 2005Lorro  Madrid
17"Saint Paul, State Capital"  3Nov 9, 2005spanishguy  Sevilla
18"St. Paul: Capital of Minnesota"  2  6Oct 8, 2005Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
19"St. Paul"  4  13Aug 8, 2005msp_ssa  Minneapolis
20"The Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum and Como Zoo"  2  3May 19, 2005OnTheSiouxFallsSub  Sioux Falls
21"St. Pal"Feb 10, 2005salhough  Saint Paul
22"ST PAUL MY HOME CITY"  3Nov 11, 2004luckybulldog69  Saint Paul
23"CALVARY CEMETERY, St. Paul, MN"  3Oct 29, 2004Dr.Hesselius  Sevilla
24"St Paul - Our Hometown"  2  2Jul 29,  Saint Paul
25"Pig's Eye Landing"  33  36Jul 6, 2004yooperprof  Marquette
26"The Smaller Twin"  4  1Jun 9, 2004etfromnc  Matthews
27"My roots, my home."Mar 24, 2004TheCoyoteDreams  Saint Paul
28"Saint Pauly Girl"  1  1Mar 2, 2004bluecamper  Buffalo
29"My Home away from Everywhere"  1Feb 6, 2004krismop  Saint Paul
30"The Elder Brother of the Twin Cities"  5  6Jan 14, 2004zrim  Northfield
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