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1"Multicultural, Friendly, & a Great Location"  1  5Feb 27, 2010SedonaDee  Sedona
2"AUCKLAND"  4  5Feb 4, 2010balhannah   Brisbane
3"Too much to see in a week."  3Oct 7, 2008gesswot  Two Rocks
4"Auckland City"  3Jun 3, 2008Bernazli  Auckland Region
5"Auckland"  1  13Jan 1, 2008ITjetsetter  Suva
6"Kiwi Land"Sep 6, 2007krinsueref  Four Marks
7"Living in the City of Sails"  4  2Aug 27, 2007jlcurtis287  New Hampshire
8"Auckland- City of Sails"  6  12Jun 3, 2007kinjalnz15  Brisbane
9"AKL - Starting Point to Wonderful Trip in NZ"  3  3Apr 5, 2007Susanna1975  Helsinki
10"Ya gotta love Auckland"Dec 30, 2006splicer2  Portland
11"Auckland"  1Sep 19, 2005Palexelap  Nantes
12"Auckland Region"  6  6Aug 2, 2005ATXtraveler  Allen
13"Auckland"  1Jul 16, 2005cnango  San Clemente
14"Dip Me in Honey and Feed Me to the Kiwis!"  1  3May 16, 2005meccostaud  Seattle
15"On the Farm in Auckland"  2Feb 17, 2005milkman_mm  Inverloch
16"Auckland, New Zealand"Feb 14, 2005Forevakiwi  Auckland Region
17"City of sails"  6  5Jan 23, 2005irish147  County Wexford
18"City Of Sails"  3  1Dec 26, 2004morninglory  Dubai
19"Auckland - city of sails"  3Oct 23, 2004eireger  Dublin
20"Auckland Baby!"  1  1Oct 20, 2004KatarinaKatarina  Auckland Region
21"Hare Mai"  1May 26, 2004valah  Auckland Region
22"My first trip to Auckland was in August 1987"  1Apr 4, 2004whvcebu  Duisburg
23"Nice place to live."  3  6Feb 6, 2004musicinme  Taiwan
24"Auckland and surrounds"  3Jan 4, 2004junkgirl  World
25"Maori Land"  1Dec 30, 2003w8andzee  Stockholm
26"UNDER CONSTRUCTION!"  2  10Nov 21, 2003allikat  New Zealand
27"Auckland and the Coromandels"  1Jun 16, 2003Velela  Bangor
28"Truly the city of sails"  1  2Apr 16, 2003maryamy  Leipzig
29"Auckland Region"  18  40Apr 4, 2003worldkiwi  Auckland Region
30"Auckland - The City of Sails"  66  76Mar 5, 2003kiwigal_1  Santiago
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