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6"Nice town in Michigan State"  1Oct 14, 2007Dan67  Chicago
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8"More Than Tulips and it's Dutch History"  16  32Oct 21, 2006Toughluck  Valparaiso
9"Tulip Town"  2  2Jul 5, 2006Traveler342  New Haven
10"Lovely Saugatuck"  1  4May 1, 2006sevilsungur  Istanbul
11"Tulips and Windmills"  11  18Jul 13, 2005basstbn  Overland Park
12"This is where I live now."Apr 27, 2005ashoooo  Plano
13"Holland, MI, USA"  3Mar 29, 2005sparkle_eyes  Hamilton
14"Holland - Dutch Village"  1  2Feb 4, 2005SnoopySue  Zagreb
15"Holland, Michigan"  3  9Sep 11, 2004meteorologist1  Chicago
16"Tulip Time in Holland"  2  3Mar 1, 2004Stephen-KarenConn  Pikeville
17"Holland Michigan"  5  11May 29, 2003dlandt  Chicago
18"Where I Come From"Feb 4, 2003meganvk  Holland
19"wooden shoes and tulips"Aug 22, 2002bokononist  Washington D.C.
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21"Hope College"  7Aug 8, 2002Douma359  Michigan
22"Wilkommen to the 2nd Holland!"  12  14May 23, 2002Mundus  Bologna
23"MY HOME TOWN =TULIP FESTIVAL 2 first weeks of May"  8  10Apr 17, 2002UScutie  Holland
24"Rosewood Pointe Retreat House & Cottages"  1Apr 3, 2002brentk  Holland
25"Holland Page"  3  3Nov 9, 2001erikute3534  Dubai
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