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1"Only Memories from my Childhood"  3Sep 4, 2011glabah  Lents
2"Home to the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum"  9Jun 21, 2009Bunsch  Providence
3"Meijer Gardens Butterfly House"  3Jul 20, 2008AIMEZTAVIE  Ypsilanti
4"An Angeleno in Grand Rapids"  4  8Aug 5, 2007joits  Los Angeles
5"Grand Rapids, Michigan"  3  3Jun 3, 2007HotSpotJ  Roanoke
6"Grand Rapids.."  3Jul 21, 2006phildeni  Waldport
7"GR....home of Dutch people and colleges..."Jan 13, 2006Carliegirl  Hamden
8"Grand Rapids, Michigan"  15  19Aug 10, 2005807Wheaton  Evans
9"Middle Michigan"  4  21Jul 3, 2005Dabs  Chicago
10"Grand Rapids, Michigan"  1  1Jun 8, 2005Yorick12  Denver
11"Laughs Heard Around the World"  2  1May 8, 2005KiKitC  Lakewood
12"Grand Rapids"  3Jan 26, 2005Eric-Sabin  Traverse City
13"Surprising Grand Rapids is Out of this World!"  4  7Feb 5, 2004yooperprof  Marquette
14"Where I'm From: GR Michigan"Feb 2, 2004TravelJeff  Grand Rapids
15"The Grand Rapids"Jan 6, 2004smootches2uall  Grand Rapids
16"My Hometown"  1  1Jun 9, 2003MTUJen  Grand Rapids
17"Grand Rapids"  4  5May 31, 2003Quillinglady  Funchal
18"Grand Rapids, MI"  7  15Nov 23, 2002dracko  Boston
19"USA's most secure airport"  1Oct 22, 2002flagite  Flagstaff
20"A memory to cherish"Sep 1, 2002nurseEm  San Francisco
21"sinphara's time in Grand Rapids"  3Aug 22, 2002sinphara  World
22"GR"  4Aug 15, 2002Douma359  Michigan
23"MaktukLuvin's new Grand Rapids Page"  1Jun 16, 2002MaktukLuvin  World
24"Brian Baas"  1  2May 10, 2002bbaas  Grand Rapids
25"ryguy28896's new Grand Rapids Page"  2Apr 29, 2002ryguy28896  Grand Rapids
26"This was the town I was born in."  10  5Feb 1, 2002Kodi01  Dallas
27"CubsIn4's Grand Rapids Page"  4Jan 23, 2002CubsIn4  New York City
28"Michigans OTHER City"  11Dec 28, 2001capman  Grand Rapids
29"hoser_71's new Grand Rapids Page"  10  26Oct 3, 2001hoser_71  Saint Paul
30"Amy's Life"  2  1Jun 10, 20013.aburton  Michigan
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