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1"A Little Germany in Michigan"  3Aug 8, 2010LaurenAnita  Saginaw
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3"Frankenmuth"  3Jul 4, 2010Acrylicartist  Oxford
4"Bane of VT?"  5  15May 12, 2008dlandt   Chicago
5"Frankenmuth: Where America Meets Germany"  2  4Jan 5, 2008Tom_Fields   Washington D.C.
6"Michigan's "Little Bavaria""  11  28Oct 14, 2007Dabs   Chicago
7"Bavaria, North Amererica Style"  3Sep 20, 2006Whirldtravellers  Belleville
8"As a German fary tale"  1Sep 15, 2005lucyguajardo  Terlingua
9"What Dee-vorce Did to Dee Dee"Feb 7, 2005DDDenise  Cheltenham
10"Frankenmuth for a day"  4  14Jul 25, 2004Simonneeddy  Province of Quebec
11"Frankenmuth Annual Girls Night Out"  7Jun 17, 2004HoneyJen  Battle Creek
12"Frankenmuth - Michigan's Little Bavaria"  8  9Oct 1, 2003Tryla  Hamilton
13"Frankenmuth, MI."  5Aug 18, 2002kschatterbox  Wichita