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1"My precious Alma Mater"  8  17Jul 1, 2011tvdandy  Panama City Beach
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6"Michigan State University"  1  2Mar 31, 2005massuc  Kalamazoo
7"The capital of Michigan and home of the Spartans!"  2  4Dec 14, 2004srrulz  East Lansing
8"Go Green! Go White!"  1Apr 25, 2004guadmilda  Boston
9"Home to Huge MI State U."Dec 26, 2003cuicui  Evanston
10"East Lansing"Oct 10, 2002rajshethia  Houston
11"At Home on the Red Cedar"  19Sep 7, 2002RedCedar24  East Lansing
12"PaulMagnuson's new East Lansing Page"  1Jul 31, 2002PaulMagnuson  Pretoria
13"My college home for 4 years"  3  1Jan 7, 2002heplion  Minneapolis
14"razor8's new East Lansing Page"  1  2May 17, 2001razor8  Michigan
15"Go Green, Go White, Go MSU!"  7  7Dec 6, 2000spartan  Oceanside