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1"Ann Arbor, Michigan"  1  3Jul 25, 2011Hikerpark  Baltimore
2"Ann Arbor Vacation Sweepstakes"  1Jun 6, 2011Ann_Arbor_Fan  World
3"let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"  1Apr 10, 2009Yenina  Quezon City
4"A quick overnight visit"  3  14Mar 16, 2009cjg1  New York City
5"GO BLUE"  11  13Aug 31, 2008Bunsch   Providence
6"Home of a Pretty Good Football Team"  2  3May 25, 2008yooperprof  Marquette
7"Law Quadrangle"  10Jan 5, 2008Sage49  Chicago
8"Ann Arbor, MI"  3  9Oct 30, 2007davecallahan  Greece
9"Ann Arbor Michigan"  1Oct 24, 2007eileenms  Coconut Grove
10"University of Michigan"  9Feb 24, 2007Bob_Shan  Shanghai
11"Ann Arbor - Home to University of Michigan"  1Dec 13, 2006alvi21  United States of America
12"Ann Arbour"  2  2Jun 2, 2006TRimer  Geneva
13"Fun College Town"  2Mar 19, 2006mwenn2100  Milwaukee
14"Welcome to College Civilization"  2Oct 13, 2005jaeda  Michigan
15"Ann Arbor -- Where I Live"  2  2Jun 28, 2005Meatwad79  Ann Arbor
16"Ann Arbor"  17  6May 28, 2005Yorick12  Denver
17"Tips from the Mailman"  2Sep 23, 2004KalamazooJohn  Sedro-Woolley
18"Ann Arbor Intro"Jun 15, 2004Carola57  Ann Arbor
19"Ann Arbor"Apr 30, 2004mvladivostok  Paris
20"Pemby at the Big House"  1Feb 26, 2004Pemby  Norman
21"Don't go to Ann Arbor to make friends"  8  2Jan 13, 2004julieuzi  Boulder
22"A Dainty Town like Evanston"Dec 26, 2003cuicui  Evanston
23"Ann Arbor: The Hippest Little Town in the Midwest"  1Nov 26, 2003H3ath3r  Ann Arbor
24"Ann Arbor, Michigan"  1  2Aug 22, 2003meteorologist1  Chicago
25"Ann Arbor resident for 7 years"  8Jun 30, 2003annarborsef  Ann Arbor
26"Good stopping place between Detroit and Chicago"  1Apr 2, 2003aemaya  Seattle
27"A2 in 5 years"  1Mar 25, 2003ap48108  Ann Arbor
28"Where I hang my metaphorical Hat"Mar 3, 2003linjye  Ann Arbor
29"Ann Arbor - My Current Home"Jan 26, 2003cdrum  Beijing
30"20 square miles surrounded by reality..."  1Jan 10, 2003koehn  Ann Arbor
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