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1"New Zealand South Island!"  9Apr 10, 2013amberkoh  Singapore
2"Hike and Bike Summer, Hike and Board Winter"Jul 15, 2012Tsetsgee  Brisbane
3"Central Otago - God's Country!"  17Mar 18, 2012Martialsk  Auckland
4"Island of Greenstone"  2  3Jul 26, 2010DSwede  Karachi
5"Two Summer trips to South Island, New Zealand"  33  31Jan 14, 2009amandajayne81   Stanthorpe
6"The Wild South"  57Oct 1, 2008Kimi_the_Bear  New Zealand
7"South Island"  4Jun 17, 2008Bernazli  Auckland Region
8"Queenstown"  1  1May 23, 2008swissfondue  Melbourne
9"South Island of New Zealand"  3Apr 1, 2007UKGrant23  Kuta
10"The driest, hottest, wettest and coldest places"  17  132Jan 4, 2007Kakapo2  Christchurch
11"Milford Track...Wow"Jan 2, 2007wishiwasonholidays  Habana
12"The Most Amazingly Beautiful Location!"  3  1Dec 29, 2006Julieanne1  Boston
13"South Island - THE place in New Zealand"  6  8Sep 16, 2006ATXtraveler  Allen
14"The South Island"  16  20Sep 6, 2006SLLiew  Penang
15"Wine and Mountains in the South Island"Feb 12, 2006stripeykelly  Lockerbie
16"Te Wai Pounamu - The Mainland"  1  1Oct 17, 2005fishandchips  Christchurch
17"New Zealand - South Island"  27  127Sep 20, 2005imstress  Singapore
18"South Island Experience"  6  8Aug 31, 2005freshia  Jakarta
19"New Zealand's South Island"  12  11Aug 24, 2005sunshinejo  Newquay
20"Trial Trip"  3Aug 22, 2005jodi&matt  Melbourne
21"Fabulous scenery, the friendliest people"  29  65Aug 12, 2005TheWanderingCamel  State of Western Australia
22"Holiday time in the South Island"  1May 10, 2005Vaughanie  London
23"South Island - Nature's personal Paradise"  1  4May 1, 2005ForeverGypsy  Singapore
24"New Zealand - South Island"  1Nov 12, 2004stevezero  Belper
25"UNDER RECONSTRUCTION - AND LONG OVERDUE!!!!"  6  8Mar 15, 2004allikat  New Zealand
26"New Zealand Summary"  3  3Dec 18, 2003dln6874  Juneau
27"The Sout Island, flying to the snowy Mountains."  18  19Nov 11, 2003Alphons  Nijmegen
28"The Mainland"  1  4Aug 20, 2003TomorrowsAngel  Riyadh
29"New Zealand's South Island."  9  47May 29, 2003kiwi  New Zealand
30"South Island"  25  26May 2, 2003kris-t  Belle River
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