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1"A very active Island..."  3Oct 1, 2008Kimi_the_Bear  New Zealand
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4"The North Island"  30  33Sep 6, 2006SLLiew   Penang
5"The Big Fish - New Zealands North Island"  25  49Aug 8, 2006Bernd_L   Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
6"Consuming Culture in the North Island"Feb 12, 2006stripeykelly  Lockerbie
7"Sarah and I hit New Zealand!"  3  4Aug 2, 2005ATXtraveler  Allen
8"Don't Underestimate the Beauty of the North Island"  4Mar 14, 2005kiwi  New Zealand
9"New Year in New Zealand"  8  18Jun 15, 2004alusru  Vienna
10"The North Island"  2Jun 11, 2004NZ_gurl  Napier
11"Here I go again"  1Nov 1, 2003Mengke  Ulverstone
12"The North Island- hot pools, gushing rivers"  11  12Aug 18, 2003nada1712  Jávea
13"North Island of New Zealand"Mar 2, 2003Mek75  Lucerne
14"Auckland"  1Jan 12, 2003Dale_T  England
15"North Island"  1Dec 18, 2002nztraveller  Levin
16"lovely place"  1  2Dec 9, 2002faraz0000  World
17"New Zealand North Island"  1  1Sep 27, 2002sunnywong  Burnaby
18"NORTH ISLAND Nz"  6  14Sep 6, 2002Imbi  London