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1"New Zealand"Feb 6, 2014IamSkippy  State of South Australia
2"Escape to the Adventurous New Zealand"  3Jan 3, 2014zakchahal  London
3"Paradise"  3Dec 20, 2013bagediya  Istanbul
4"New Zealand in 5 days"Nov 15, 2013dextergm  Vancouver
5"WaRPer's NZ (South Is.) campervan trip"  3Oct 4, 2013WaRPer  Bangkok
6"More Than Kiwi Fruit"  3Aug 27, 2013melodiek  Las Cruces
7"First Trip to New Zealand"  11  36Jul 17, 2013IreneMcKay  Hong Kong
8"New Zealand Working Holiday Fans Club"Jul 10, 2013C2M  World
9"mt cook"  1May 28, 2013jikko  Bangkok
10"***New Zealand***"  3Apr 23, 2013EdinburghRoc  Edinburgh
11"New Zealand's Stunning Scenery"  1  6Apr 18, 2013Anniko  Brisbane
12"New Zealand, the first but not the last visit"  1Mar 29, 2013MJL  Oulu
13"New Zealand."  10  51Mar 16, 2013CDM7  Dorset
14"New Zealand"  3Mar 10, 2013Rodney111  Johannesburg
15"The Land of the Long White Cloud"  2  12Feb 25, 2013Merebin  Mildura
16"Down under"  2  6Jan 14, 2013dutchboycalledjan  The Hague
17"New Zealand 2011-2012"Dec 29, 2012kjcole47  Gold Coast
18"New Zealand"  2Oct 16, 2012thisit811  New Jersey
19"New Zealand"  9Aug 31, 2012Dunes+  Olivos
20"Aotearoa - Land Of the Long White Cloud!"  1  2Jul 17, 2012kotitihaere  Ninety Mile Beach
21"Studying Abroad"  1Jul 17, 2012morgancjones  Colorado Springs
22"Tauranga, New Zealand"  3Jul 16, 2012IsisJade  Taipei
23"Land of the One Way Bridge and car eating parrots"  9  21Jul 6, 2012al2401  Palmwoods
24"New Zealand"  1Jun 4, 2012lou31  Mackay
25"Not even LOTR prepared me for this beautiful place"  1  4May 3, 2012Bunsch  Providence
26"working holiday"Apr 15, 2012empresstraveller  Cambridge
27"NEW ZEALAND"  3Apr 6, 2012eddymario  Antwerp
28"Land of the Long White Cloud"  6  28Mar 28, 2012Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
29"Christchurch - New Zealand"  3  34Mar 5, 2012kharmencita  Germany
30"I was born and lived in NZ for 37 years"Feb 23, 2012lostkiwiboy  Birmingham
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