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1"BLUE MOUNTAINS AND BLUE WATER"  1  8Jul 12, 2015DAO  Wakefield
2"New South Wales"  3  8Apr 16, 2014Drever  Ayr
3"Sydney"  2Apr 22, 2013kazuhart  Aberdeen
4"Milton coastal town"  5  8Oct 19, 2012fachd  Canberra
5"Where I began my Australian Adventure"  1Apr 20, 2012spidermiss  Leeds
6"My 20 days in NSW"  33  162Mar 15, 2012globetrott  Vienna
7"State of New Southwhales"  3Oct 16, 2011elhombre30  Makati
8"Blackheath in the Blue Mountains"  1  3Jul 9, 2010ElleDeeEsse  Lawson
9"New South Wales state with a beautiful coastline"  6  33Nov 13, 2009Henk.Irene  Hoogeveen
10"THE WARATAH - STATE EMBLEM OF NEW SOUTH WALES"  30  75Sep 15, 2009balhannah  Brisbane
11"One of my favorite spots in Australia"Jan 6, 2009srinivas.pasham  Hyderabad
12"NEW SOUTH WALES..THE WARATAH STATE.."  3Jun 28, 2008DennyP  Parramatta
13"South Coast"  2  5Oct 16, 2007Danno5954  Umina
14"NSW - VIC - NSW Road Trip Itinerary"  1Aug 8, 2007pedroswift  Brisbane
15"NSW - the first settlement in Australia"  2Jun 28, 2007stevemt  Brisbane
16"State of New South Wales"  1  5Apr 24, 2007theo1006  Salatiga
17"New South Wales"  1  1Apr 17, 2007mikp  Perth
18"New South Wales"  3Nov 25, 2006nora_south_africa  Province of the Western Cape
19"State of New South Wales"  3  5Jul 11, 2006Greybilby  State of South Australia
20"The Founding State"  17  36Nov 9, 2005TheWanderingCamel  State of Western Australia
21"New South Wales"  8  10Oct 1, 2005Zanzibargirl  Newcastle
22"New South Wales - Entry to Australia"  10  11Apr 19, 2005ATXtraveler  Allen
23"G'Day New South Wales"  19Apr 14, 2005AmazingAdventures  Sydney
24"N.S.W..Lakes, desert, beaches, mountains & SKIING!"  15  18Feb 2, 2005K.Knight  Buderim
25"NSW"  3Nov 8, 2004leffe3  Melbourne
26"New South Wales"  6  21Oct 17, 2004SmilingTraveller  Sydney
27"Eden to Bateman's Bay"  1  2Sep 19, 2004carmilla5  Melbourne
28"Birchy Does NSW"  1Jul 24, 2004birchy99  Eugene
29"New South Wales"  3Oct 27, 2003naturalmystic82  Sydney
30"NSW - More than just Sydney and the Blue Mtns"  3Jul 31, 2003CdnJane  Barrie
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