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1"THE MAGNIFICENT COAST"  1  8Jul 12, 2015DAO  Wakefield
2"Halls gap, the grampians"Oct 24, 2012kazuhart  Aberdeen
3"VICTORIA - THE GARDEN STATE"  13  21Feb 22, 2010balhannah  Brisbane
4"Born and Bred over the border (in Mexico!)"  4  14Jun 8, 2009lindyz  Wollongong
5"Victoria is Home Sweet Home"  1Feb 12, 2009cochinjew  Havana
6"Gippsland, Victoria"  3Oct 22, 2008wise23girl  State of Queensland
7"Victoria - Road Trip Itinerary"  4Jul 26, 2008pedroswift  Brisbane
8"VICTORIA"  1Jun 6, 2008DennyP  Parramatta
9"A State with plenty of things to interest"  1Jun 28, 2007stevemt  Brisbane
10"Great Ocean Road Holiday"  1  5Jun 12, 2007OzVisitors  Sydney
11"Victoria in 9 days"  2May 1, 2007stevenchow  Singapore
12"State of Victoria"  1  5Apr 24, 2007theo1006  Alhaurín el Grande
13"State of Victoria."  1  4Jan 8, 2007a5floor  Apeldoorn
14"Gorgeous countryside and old-fashioned towns"  3Oct 13, 2006XenoHumph  Houston
15"Information re Victoria."Jul 11, 2006australia2  Melbourne
16"State of Victoria, Australia"  1Apr 29, 2006Rodan44  Raleigh
17"Victoria"  2  2Apr 11, 2006bijo69  Berlin
18"Victoria - Great Ocean Road & Surroundings"  22  23Apr 3, 2006victorwkf  Serangoon
19"Victoria the best state in all of Australia"Mar 24, 2006spydy  Singapore
20"Great Ocean Walk"  3Mar 11, 2006Melbournite  Melbourne
21"The Garden State."  3  6Mar 11, 2006kid-keith  Suffolk
22"Victoria - Australia"  1  8Nov 22, 2005cassiejoy42  Geelong
23"Victoria - fruittrees and crops"  3Sep 2, 2005metteks  Kolding
24"Victoria, a great place to visit"  2  3Jul 11, 2005petdec  Sydney
25"Second State, Home State while in Australia!"  18  19Jun 22, 2005ATXtraveler  Allen
26"The State of Victoria, Australia"  3May 3, 2005jeffmartinartist  Melbourne
27"Visiting Victoria (Australia)"  3Apr 22, 2005AmazingAdventures  Sydney
28"Melbourne city, Mount Buller and Mount Hotham"  1  1Nov 26, 2004SierraSydney  Sydney
29"The Great Ocean Road"  2Nov 20, 2004mwkwan  Vancouver
30"Melbourne to Lakes Entrance"  1  3Sep 19, 2004carmilla5  Melbourne
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