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1"The Autonomous Region of the Azores (Portugal)"  1Dec 25, 2014Audris  São Roque do Pico
2"Country of seafaring and discovery"  2  1Sep 16, 2014Joumaky  New Toronto
3"WHAT A TRULY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY"  43May 19, 2014songlines  Skibbereen
4"Portugal"Feb 14, 2014wiseman824  World
5"Portugal. most Southwesterly country in Europe"  1Feb 7, 2014jonathanbarker  Reading
6"Portugal"  2Oct 11, 2013Evenith666  Manchester
7"I dashed through Portugal"  1Jul 17, 2013Sundstrom  Uppsala
8"PORTUGAL"  1Feb 25, 2013alyf1961  Leeds
9"Portugal"  6Feb 15, 2013lezlie981  World
10"Caminho Portugués"  8  15Feb 15, 2013haikutaxi  Provincetown
11"On the Edge of the Old World: Portugal"  8  19Feb 12, 2013alexchip  Washington D.C.
12"Travelling Through Portugal!!!"  4  14Feb 7, 2013jamesinnyc  New York City
13"I Left My Heart in Portugal"Feb 7, 2013Travelatrix  Los Angeles
14"Birthday Week In Lisbon."  11  56Feb 6, 2013TouristKris  Twinsburg
15"THe other land of discoverers"  9  30Jan 3, 2013gwened   Pluvigner
16"PORTUGAL"  2Dec 23, 2012anapais  Lisbon
17"Porto, Portugal -+ more"  1  8Oct 5, 2012edwis  Tampa
18"My Portugal"  14  65Sep 26, 2012Ines_  Lisbon
19"Charming Portugal"  16  50Sep 24, 2012Paul2001  Toronto
20"Portugal"  1  1Jul 21, 2012Fantasmine  Badajoz
21"Portugal"  3  4May 14, 2012Robmj  Wanaka
22"Portugal-the other limit of Europe"  3Apr 24, 2012adema29  Brasov
23"Portugal"  3Nov 5, 2011anttivehmas  Lahti
24"Portugal"  2Oct 24, 2011Twan  Sint-Oedenrode
25"Portugal"  1Oct 21, 2011MalenaN  Europe
26"Portugal"  1Sep 23, 2011Dabs  Chicago
27"The End of the Peninsula"  1  3Aug 21, 2011DSwede  Corpus Christi
28"Europe"  1  2Jul 27, 2011petra0919  Washington D.C.
29"Portugal"  1Jul 26, 2011Gili_S  Europe
30"Portugal by myself"  3May 26, 2011Browndec  Brasil
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