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1"The Ivy League Town"  9  48Jul 17, 2010machomikemd  San Francisco
2"The centre of (intellectual) power"  10  28Apr 10, 2009mikey_e  Ottawa
3"Cambridge"Dec 11, 2008chrissyms  Swansea
4"You go for Harvard, you stay for Cambridge!"  8  19Jun 1, 2008Jefie   Quebec
5"Cambridge, Massachusetts: right next to Boston"  4  7May 26, 2008Rich62  Kearney
6"I say, it's Cambridge!"  2Feb 11, 2008starrey  Boston
7"Just Across the River...."  14  62Jan 30, 2008garridogal  Boston
8"Cambridge, Ma 2007"  3  3Jan 15, 2008zappalive  Savannah
9"Cambridge"  3Dec 25, 2007tim07  Wakefield
10"People's Republic"Oct 2, 2007B924576  Fitchburg
11"oh i love this place."  1Aug 27, 2007stephaniejune27  Cambridge
12"Yo!! Cambridge...I'll Be Back"  1  4Jul 25, 2007Barbie2138  East Atlanta
13"Cambridge, Massachusetts"  10  28Jun 28, 2007jamiesno  Goose Bay
14"Cambridge"  1Jan 29, 2007Kaspian  North Bay
15"Cambridge: Worth a Visit in Its Own Right"Jan 14, 2007Dalex8  Cambridge
16"Cambridge - Home to Harvard University"  1Dec 13, 2006alvi21  United States of America
17"A Work in Progress"  4  13Oct 14, 2006jelw  Oyster
18"Cambridge Living"  8  3Jul 28, 2006Sandrablondon  Chicago
19"Cambridge, Massachusetts"  1  2Jul 13, 2006wel-res  Cambridge
20"Cambridge, MA"  1Jul 1, 2006AdelyneKitten  Cambridge
21"Go with the Red"  10  7May 8, 2006SullyBiz  Cambridge
22"Cambridge Mass."  1Apr 18, 2006cnango  San Clemente
23"Cambridge: America's First Seat of Learning"  3  14Feb 25, 2006Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
24"Harvard and much more"  10  19Jan 2, 2006shohman  Minnesota
25"This is home."  2Nov 19, 2005BostonTraveler  Cambridge
26"Cambridge & Harvard"  3Nov 16, 2005cfuentesm  Mexico City
27"CAMBRIDGE"  2Oct 20, 2005tampabay  Tampa
28"The College Suburb of Boston"  5  20Aug 25, 2005el_ruso  Coral Gables
29"Cambridge, MA, USA - Home of Harvard University"  3Jul 27, 2005bjelic  Belgrade
30"Cambridge, MA"  19  16Jul 12, 2005KarenandCory  Arlington
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