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1"Basaic Baton Rouge Page"  44  119Jul 4, 2012Basaic  Sierra Vista
2"Baton Rouge"  2Oct 2, 2011Spearfish  Glasgow
3"Baton Rouge, More Than Drinking?"  3Mar 7, 2011LaurenAnita  Saginaw
4"baton rouge louisiana"  31  43May 16, 2009doug48   Orlando
5"Baton Rouge"May 2, 2008moosie1808  McPherson
6"Baton Rouge"  3Feb 4, 2008malianrob  Los Angeles
7"Huey Long's Capitol"  18  98Jan 13, 2008grandmaR  Leonardtown
8"A Special town with Culture"  8  29Oct 21, 2007BruceDunning  Huntsville
9"Baton Rouge"  18  44Jul 15, 2007DJMist  Picayune
10"Baton Rouge...close enough to home."  6  1Apr 3, 2007IronLenz  New Orleans
11"Christmas Day"  3  13Mar 30, 2007Toughluck  Valparaiso
12"Baton Rouge"  5  2Aug 19, 2006gt6303c  Austin
13"Baton Rouge - there's stuff to do here..."  3May 25, 2006tulajane  Baton Rouge
14"Baton Rouge"Oct 11, 2005Little_Lou_Lou  United States of America
15"Baton Rouge"  1  3Oct 5, 2005LouisianaTraveler  Baton Rouge
16"Stopping in for a brief Stay"  1  2Apr 18, 2005my2kids  West Fargo
17"Tigerland!!"  1  2Mar 4, 2005brighidnatasha  Houston
18"Florida to Louisiana"Jan 10, 2005Baton_West  Dallas
19"Vibroverb's Baton Rouge"  1Aug 29, 2004vibroverb  United States of America
20"BATON ROUGE"  6Jun 4, 2004xanaia  Santiago de Compostela
21"Pemby in Baton Rouge"  1Feb 26, 2004Pemby  Norman
22"Baton Rouge, Louisiana"  1Jan 12, 2004HumblyServingChrist  Jacksonville
23"Land of Oil and Red Tape"  13  16Dec 7, 2003der_geograf  Corpus Christi
24"Up the road in Baton Rouge"  4Apr 2, 2003WFTR  World
25"Keeweechic's Baton Rouge"  33  43Sep 25, 2002keeweechic  World
26"Tiger Town!"  21  24Aug 16, 2002Jmill42  Austin
27"Baton Rouge ~ Red Stick"  5  23Jul 10, 2002dawnm70  Uddevalla
28"ARIC's Baton Rouge Page"Jun 18, 2002ARIC  Baton Rouge
29"Baton Rouge, Home of the Tigers"  41  21Apr 13, 2002cynthi  Baton Rouge
30"laruna's new Baton Rouge Page"  3Jan 2, 2002laruna  Wilmington
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