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1"WHITING INDIANA"  3  31Aug 1, 2007LoriPori   Windsor
2"2006 WHITING PIEROGIFEST FEATURING BABUSHKA'S"  41Aug 1, 2006Waalewiener   Windsor
3"City by the Lakes"  6  26Aug 8, 2005Marisola   Chicago
4"PIE-RO-GI!!!!"Feb 15, 2005travelmad478  Delaware
5"Whiting (Under Construction)"  2Apr 19, 2004grkboiler  Pereira
6"The Little City on the Lake"  26  91Apr 27, 2003Dabs  Chicago
7"Whiting"  3  4Dec 12, 2002sambarnett  Chicago
8"SandL's Whiting Page"  2Jan 1, 1990SandL  World
9"Little city on the lake."  2  1Jan 1, 1990freshmaker  Pristina