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1"EDDY STREET COMMONS @ NOTRE DAME"  3Jul 19, 2011alfredo95  World
2"God, Country, Notre Dame"  10  37Oct 29, 2009Marisola   Chicago
3"South Bend- Home of the Fighting Irish"  2  2Aug 11, 2009emilypeg  Manhattan Beach
4"Notre Dame"  3Mar 9, 2008mikehanneman  Waterloo
5"South Bend"  1Nov 8, 2007kawanua  Los Angeles
6"Home of the Irish & Me"Aug 26, 2007staindesign  Indianapolis
7"Go Irish"  1Apr 28, 2007Duanetru  Germany
8"South Bend"Feb 7, 2007gcollins3  Baltimore
9"South Bend Bound"  1  3Jan 26, 2007heath1978  Kansas City
10"University of Notre Dame"  8  16Oct 24, 2006raulaf  Los Angeles
11"South Bend, IN"Oct 23, 2006kmbeckman  Newport Beach
12"Center of Northern Indiana"  11  21Oct 21, 2006Toughluck  Valparaiso
13"Industrial history in the heartland"  1  6Apr 20, 2006KalamazooJohn  Sedro-Woolley
14"What Is Michiana?"  10  1Feb 23, 2006Ischyros  Fishers
15"Notre Dame"  9Jan 15, 2006KARLPORTER56  Tampa
16"SB ore than just ND"  2Jan 13, 2006Camdameron  Minneapolis
17"Go Fightin' Irish!"  1Dec 26, 2005XtravelloverX  Illinois
18"Passing Through"  3  6Apr 18, 2005my2kids  West Fargo
19"My hometown"  1Dec 1, 2004DMJWW  South Bend
20"South Bend, the home of Notre Dame University"  4  15Nov 24, 2004Rich62  Kearney
21"South Bend"  5Nov 17, 2004grkboiler  Pereira
22"MY home town.. South Bend, IN :("  30  30May 6, 2004Phlebas2  Berrien Center
23"South Bend"Jan 27, 2004salemme27  Boston
24"Welcome to Irish Country"  3Jan 1, 2004olyrunner  Olympia
25"River City On My Mind"  1Sep 10, 2003JustinianSBI  South Bend
26"South Bend, Indiana"  20  35Jul 20, 2003meteorologist1  Chicago
27"Hummer Universe"Jun 22, 2003Logan575  Birmingham
28"South Bend , Indiana"Dec 31, 2002JBreining  South Bend
29"Kai's South Bend Page"  8  9Dec 23, 2002KaiM  Bremen
30"Livin' It Up in South Bend"Oct 31, 2002JUSTNFL  South Bend
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