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1"Chicago: second to none as a great place to visit"  2  6Nov 19, 2013PR-7  Upper Darby
2"Chicago, the greatest big city in America"  1  6Nov 8, 2013ralphbrasethDotCom  World
3"Chicago - Cook County Seat"  24  95Aug 7, 2013WulfstanTraveller  Santa Rosa
4"Midwestern replica of New York"  16Jul 17, 2013iam1wthee  New York City
5"Downtown Chicago"  1  3Jun 18, 2013RedDolphin  Montreal
6"Chicago - Put it on your Bucket List"  3May 23, 2013LeeFirek  Leicester
7"Chicago, Illinois"  2  11Feb 12, 2013xoxoxenophile  Brookings
8"Not the Chicago Page you had Hoped For"  6  20Jan 6, 2013glabah  Lents
9"One day stop"  1  6Jan 4, 2013WBeall  Galveston
10"Between Al Capone and Chicago"  3  14Dec 24, 2012kharmencita  Germany
11"CHICAGO"Sep 9, 2012Jef5  Victoria
12"Chicago 2012"  3  18Aug 30, 2012Iluv2surf2  Columbus
13"Urbs in horto...."  23  107Aug 25, 2012leics  Leicester
14"I loved Chicago"  1  1Aug 5, 2012CanadianC  London
15"The City of The Big Shoulders"  13  18Jul 17, 2012rmjiv  Scottsdale
16"Fantastic Tourist Destination"  3Jun 14, 2012TexasDave  Atlanta
17"Chicago Has It Going On!"  2  11Jun 10, 2012acommon1  San Francisco
18"Chicgo"May 8, 2012gbrucks  Austin
19"The Windy City (is mighty pretty!)"  5  10Mar 11, 2012aquadigioia  Geneva
20"Splendid Chicago!!!"  2  6Jan 30, 2012MisterMuse  Grand Rapids
21"Bulls"  1Dec 2, 2011drunkenmaster4  Angono
22"Chicago Visit!!"  3Oct 28, 2011payal08  San Francisco
23"Chicago"  1Oct 5, 2011Andraf   Bucharest
24"lulu"  1Oct 3, 2011lumilanez  World
25"Chicago-Much nicer than expected"  4Sep 26, 2011genebeans  Boca Raton
26"The living art City"  2  4Sep 8, 2011morochaargentina  Dallas
27"Navy Pier"  3Aug 23, 2011paulcalle  World
28"Chicago Meet Coming Soon"  8Aug 19, 2011Paris92  Los Angeles
29"The Windy City"  1Jul 21, 2011HELEN  Manhattan Beach
30"My favorite U.S. city"  3  9May 5, 2011MidgetPornstar  Lakewood
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