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1"Basaic Des Moines Page"  2  5Sep 4, 2013Basaic  Sierra Vista
2"Welcome to the capitol of a Purple State!"  2  3Feb 19, 2011Bunsch   Providence
3"Des Moines Iowa"  2Oct 30, 2010jwhite409  Des Moines
4"Farmer Market in Des Moines!"  3  14May 13, 2010duturi  Ho Chi Minh City
5"Typical Midwestern Mid Size Town"  1  4Nov 21, 2009riorich55  Naperville
6"Des Moines, IA"  1Oct 6, 2009kawanua  Los Angeles
7"My Hometown"  2  1Sep 24, 2007gover  Des Moines
8"Exploring Ames and Des Moines foods"  2Apr 24, 2007CuriousEater  Ames
9"Always Passing Through"Apr 3, 2007Toughluck  Valparaiso
10"Des Moines Garden Center"  3Aug 28, 2006Oksana79  Eureka
11"Heading West"  1Oct 15, 2005KiKitC  Lakewood
12"Des Moines"  1Oct 6, 2005Eric-Sabin  Traverse City
13"Des Moines: Very Midwestern"  2  3Sep 18, 2005Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
14"Its not Dead Moines"  2  1Apr 2, 2005vegallboy  Des Moines
15"Des Moines -- Iowa State Fair"  3  4Aug 30, 2004marie415  New York City
16"Des Moines, much nicer than Omaha"  1Aug 25, 2004midwesterner19  Colorado Springs
17"You'll Dig Des Moines!"  27  44Jul 6, 2004yooperprof  Marquette
18"Nice place..."  2  4Jul 2, 2004mafootje  Vlaardingen
19"Des Moines, Iowa - Memorial Weekend 2004"  3Jun 8, 2004Harley1231  Birmingham
20"Des Moines, Iowa (Corn State, April 10th ~ 13th)"May 6, 2004tezzy  Singapore
21"A curious mix of qualities"  4Jan 25, 2004babybird  Appleton
22"DES MOINES, IOWA"  1Jun 18, 2003MarkJochim  Phuket
23"Des Moines, Iowa"  4  7Feb 28, 2003frankcanfly  Baltimore
24"Des Moines, Iowa"  9  10Jan 13, 2003Jimma  Des Moines
25"Des Moines, Iowa"  6  7Dec 29, 2002Jim_Eliason  Arlington
26"Capital of Iowa"  1Oct 15, 2002BLSM  Faulkton
27"My New Home"  11  30Sep 6, 2002SheDragon  Des Moines
28"TinyTuck's new Des Moines Page"  5  6Jul 28, 2002TinyTuck  Aachen
29"Ohh...... I live here."  2Jul 9, 2002moonbeam0140  Des Moines
30"Iowa State University"  1Jun 23, 2002tankut  Turkey
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