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6"Augusta is now my temporary home......."  3  8Jun 1, 2008mistyeastham  Augusta
7"Augusta"May 31, 2008pauldgnewton  London
8"Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia"  1Mar 25, 2008Stephen-KarenConn  Pikeville
9"Home since May 1987"Feb 24, 2008AtomicTra  Augusta
10"Augusta Georgia"  1Aug 24, 2007jemcat  Newberry
11"August: Home of the Augusta Masters Tournament"  2  18Sep 10, 2006Ritaroni  Long Beach
12"Augusta National - The Masters"  2  3May 11, 2006Kagan  Ottawa
13"Augusta the Garden City"  3Apr 12, 2005no1birdlady  Augusta
14"Augusta - Home of the Masters....and....."Sep 2, 2004Badger23  Augusta
15"Augusta, Georgia"  2Feb 7, 2004Kentbein  Middleburg
16"Augusta by truck"  2Dec 29, 2003mzmyopia  Decatur
17"Augusta - More than Golf!"  60  100Aug 9, 2003807Wheaton  Evans
18"melody129's new Augusta Page"  1Aug 8, 2002melody129  Lansing
19"Augusta & Evans Georgia"Jul 31, 2002KaljaMaha  Kingston upon Thames
20"Loonbeam's Augusta GA Page"  3Jun 10, 2002Loonbeam  Marlton
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22"Quest for the Green Jacket"  1Feb 16, 2002morgandk  Portland
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