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1"St. Peterburg"  1Feb 14, 2014alancollins  Banbury
2"The Salvador Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg"  3Nov 4, 2013jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
3"Spend Three Days with the Tampa Bay Rays"  3  12Jul 8, 2010850prc  Florida
4"Beautiful Downtown Area"  1  4Jun 15, 2010stephaniellen  Tampa
5"City life and beach life unite!"  10  27Nov 18, 2009tvdandy  Panama City Beach
6"The Sunshine City in The Sunshine State"  30  113Oct 9, 2009Ewingjr98   Tachikawa
7"saint petersburg, florida"  43  46Mar 8, 2009doug48  Orlando
8"Go Sox!"  4  6Jul 29, 2007shohman  Orlando
9"Condo here during childhood, my home :)"Jul 19, 2007Genevre  Welland
10"Where I grew up..."  2Jul 18, 2007rkevin  Hartselle
11"Lovely Weekend - Lovely Beach"  3  9Oct 23, 2006Hexepatty  Hickory
12"Florida, USA Vacation"  1  4Aug 21, 2006princessflorie  Michigan
13"St Pete - Tampa's Sister City"  25  21Aug 4, 2006tampa_shawn  San Diego
14"St. Pete the eclectic life with amazing beaches"  2  3Jun 11, 2006ERiger  Saint Petersburg
15"San Pete"  1Mar 9, 200650sr  World
16"I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!"  1  1Dec 8, 2005nesba13  Saint Petersburg
17"Our winter home"  1  15Oct 20, 2005rw-bigfoot  Kentucky
18"Holiday at the Beach"  4  24Oct 11, 2005peach93  Massachusetts
19"St. Petersburg"  1Sep 4, 2005jeffjun  New York City
20"God's Waiting Room:"  6  8May 19, 2005sarahjayn  Tampa
21"Saint Petersburg"  3Apr 22, 2005davesut  Manchester
22"***coming soon***"  1Mar 15, 2005Robert_Hun  Budapest
23"St Pete"  2  3Mar 8, 2005HotSpotJ  Roanoke
24"A Great Town in its Own Right"  4  3Feb 28, 2005Kushelkitten  Hamburg
25"The Sunshine City!"  16  17Feb 27, 2005NC_Ziggy  Hickory
26"ST. PETERSBURG Y DALI"  3Oct 31, 2004Kbein  Miami
27""THE DON CESAR' The Pride of St. Petersburg"  4  5May 17, 2004doolemma  Sun City Center
28"St Petersburg and Pinellas County"  30  42May 14, 2004arasnosliw  Jolly Dump
29"Saint Petersburg"  2  4Jan 12, 2004evalynn  Mesquite
30"St. Petersburg & Florida's Sun Coast"  2  44Jan 9, 2004HumblyServingChrist  Jacksonville
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