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1"The oldest city in the USA and more!"  5  5Jul 29, 2015gwened  Pluvigner
2"The Old City"  2  9Nov 28, 2014MartinK35   London
3"St Augustine"  2  13Apr 3, 2014alancollins  Banbury
4"Saint Augustine, Florida"  8  39Feb 16, 2012basstbn  Overland Park
5"That fountain didn't seem to work for me"  1Jul 22, 2011etfromnc  Matthews
6"Breakfast At St. Augustine -- Soulful Respite"Jul 10, 2011jlinn1974  City of Manila
7"St Augustine Vacation"  1May 26, 2011staug  Tennessee
8"St. Augustine Florida for Free"  1Nov 6, 2010ccbelland  World
9"Saint Augustine: a wonderful gem"  1  4Aug 16, 2010Cristian_Uluru  Italy
10"Saint Augustine - America's oldest city"  32  155Aug 6, 2009Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
11"Basaic Saint Augustine Page"  12  39Dec 23, 2008Basaic  Sierra Vista
12"St. Augustine, FL"  1  2May 17, 2008dannyffz  Quezon City
13"St. Augustine, Florida"  1May 16, 2008DanielleH  New York City
14"America's First City, est. 1565"  12  24May 3, 2008TexasDave  Atlanta
15"Florida: St. Agustine"  32  69Apr 4, 2008donpaul77  Boston
16"History Far Back in Time"  21  58Jan 27, 2008BruceDunning  Huntsville
17"St. Auggie travels."  6  1Jan 3, 2008deaglos  Rome
18"St. Augustine - Old City"Jan 1, 2008AnjoLuci  Nisos Sifnos
19"Spring Vacation"  1  1Oct 21, 2007DEBBBEDB  United States of America
20"St. Augustine, the nation's oldest city"  7  10Jul 30, 2007sweetchica323  Ocala
21"saint augustine"  22  26Apr 19, 2007doug48  Orlando
22"A Trip through Time"  3Apr 2, 2007katyinterpreter  Sunnyvale
23"Saint Augustine"  11  25Feb 26, 2007davecallahan  Greece
24"THE OLDEST CITY IN AMERICA"  12  60Jan 26, 2007LoriPori  Windsor
25"THE OLDEST CITY IN THE USA AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL"  42Jan 25, 2007Waalewiener  Windsor
26"St. Augustine VT meet"  8Jan 19, 2007toemayn  Cottage Hills
27"VT Meet in the Oldest city in the US"  5  21Jan 18, 2007terps94  Dixon
28"The Oldest City in America"  11  27Jan 11, 2007peach93  Massachusetts
29"Oldest City in the U.S."  7  26Jan 10, 2007Travmad  Pennsylvania
30"HansiLori Fest Tour Graces St. Augustine!"  7  36Jan 9, 2007NC_Ziggy  Hickory
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