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1"Miami south Beach" Mar 24, 2014tangory  Saudi Arabia
2"Miami"  2Feb 6, 2014KoalaB  Adelaide
3"It's the good life"  4  13Jul 23, 2013staindesign  Indianapolis
4"An American Beach Resort"  2  4Mar 10, 2013MJL  Oulu
5"Miami Beach convention centre hotel"Feb 19, 2013Albertjeniffer  World
6"Miami Beach"  1Feb 13, 2013lotharscheer  Vienna
7"miami"  2Sep 18, 2012LINSY  Cape Town
8"South Beach"  1  3Aug 13, 2012srkling  World
9"South Beach"Feb 6, 2012Terje1966  Kongsberg
10"Miami is an amazing city"Aug 30, 2011jacksmith1  World
11"Downtown, Miami"  3May 13, 2011Pritingpinay  Miami Lakes
12"South Beach"  1Oct 8, 2010MM212  London
13"Miami Beach: sun, water and Art Deco buildings"  2  5Aug 16, 2010Cristian_Uluru  Italy
14"MIAMI, ITS BEACHES AND CITIES..."  1  4Jun 10, 2010ines2003  Departamento de Canelones
15"MIAMI"  2  5May 6, 2010julad1  World
16"Miami Beach, Florida"  3Mar 20, 2010noidiotsplease  Jacksonville
17"Miami Beach"  1Feb 20, 2010wroclawiak  Wroclaw
18"Fun in the sun - it's all about the water!"  1  2Jan 2, 2010Waikikikids  Honolulu
19"New Years at Miami Beach"  31  134Dec 30, 2009Ewingjr98   Tachikawa
20"Beautiful Beaches"  9  25Oct 29, 2009Gillybob   Manchester
21"Miami Beach"  1Oct 3, 2009AAOlorun  New York City
22"Attractions And Entertainment Places With Fun"Aug 11, 2009jillserjeant  World
23"SOUTH BEACH HOTELS"  1  3May 12, 2009diesel1  Miami Beach
24"Miami"  3Mar 31, 2009Linse  Copenhagen
25"Home of Incredible People"  1  9Mar 30, 2009toddecus  Manhattan Beach
26"Art Deco Weekend - January 2009"  3Jan 17, 2009PartyRambo  Calgary
27"Lost in Miami"  3Oct 26, 2008dipendra  Beijing
28"Miami beach"  1Aug 16, 2008filip007  Moscow
29"Bienvenido a Miami"  6  5Jul 30, 2008932john  Manhattan Beach
30"Winter Playground of the States"  10  31Jul 22, 2008csordila  Budapest
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