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1"On our Way to Marco Island"Dec 19, 2014cjg1  New York City
2"Fun Fun Fun"  2  3Mar 16, 2014easterntrekker  Halifax
3"Ft Myers, Florida"  2  7Jan 6, 2014apbeaches  New York City
4"Fort Myers: Town's Palms"  1Aug 16, 2010Cristian_Uluru  Italy
5"~ Fort Myers, Florida ~"May 14, 2010HumblyServingChrist  Jacksonville
6"fort myers florida"  16  20Nov 23, 2008doug48  Orlando
7"FORT MYERS"  1Feb 22, 2008sbotelhoj  Fortaleza
8"Ft. Myers, Florida"  3  13Sep 26, 2006al_mary  Massachusetts
9"Gulf Coast and Everglades Resorts"  2  12Jun 22, 2006DeeDeForio  Minnetonka
10"Sunny Retreat, Miami"  1Apr 15, 2006mkim  Seoul
11"Ft Myers/Sanibel Island"  3  2Mar 3, 2006jerokee_528  Ohio
12"Boy is it a busy little town!"  1Aug 9, 2005gigizac  Fort Myers
13"Ft Myres"  2  2Jul 24, 2005PeterVancouver  Tsawwassen
14"...And Edison Lived Here!"  1Jun 7, 2005catalysta  Bellingham
15"Ft. Myers with the Capital University Softball Tea"  3Mar 12, 2005MBeezy120  Cincinnati
16"Inventors and Royal Palms"  10  63Feb 17, 2005grandmaR  Leonardtown
17"fort myers is boring"Jan 23, 2005beuller420  Fort Myers
18"Fort Myers"  3  4Dec 25, 2004mafootje  Vlaardingen
19"Home"Nov 17, 2004mcautotrim  Fort Myers
20"Quiet Florida"  2  2Aug 23, 2004laguizz  Florence
21"Fort Myers - City of Palms"  10  11Apr 18, 2004lar-n-me  Fort Myers
22"NEVER -EVER- LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOUR DIGITAL!!!"  1  4Feb 7, 2004aphrodyte  Overland Park
23"A BEAUTIFUL PART OF SW FLORIDA!"  5Jan 24, 2004babybird  Appleton
24"Fort Myers is BEAUTIFUL!!!"  9  12May 26, 2003tpangelinan  Marietta
25"Early in the morning in Ft.Myers"  4Apr 1, 2003Tulin  Sarasota
26"Never thought I could miss alligators..."  1Mar 28, 2003Canadian_girl  Ottawa
27"Fort Myers, Florida"  1Mar 19, 2003sperkins  Dahlonega
28"Thomas Edison's Winter Home"  3  4Jan 5, 2003yooperprof  Marquette
29"Florida's west coast"  2  3Sep 17, 2002goingsolo  Fort Lauderdale
30"horsey's new Fort Myers Page"  1May 9, 2002horsey  Fort Myers
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