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1"FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES !!!"  1  2Jan 24, 2012V.T.FLAG  Marbella
3"WHITE"May 23, 2011etfromnc   Matthews
4"Mahboula"Oct 27, 2010CurtisJS  Richmond
5"Kuwait"  1Oct 2, 2010Fluffy_bunny  Caracas
6"Kuwait"  3  5Aug 4, 2010Astrobuck  Texas
7"Living in Kuwait"  2  3Oct 7, 2009sunnysidessite  Philippines
8"Long Term resident"  1Aug 18, 2009adesertrose  Kuwait
9"Kuwait"  1Jan 3, 2009wwletters  Netanya
10"About Kuwait..."  6  2Oct 1, 2008KeithFitzgerald  State College
11"A somewhat charming stay in a land full of sand"  5  8Jun 19, 2008finneyboy  Lynchburg
12"Fishermen town which won the big lottery"  7  15Apr 5, 2008isildur06  Istanbul
13"Kuwait"  19  29Mar 27, 2008chizz  Doha
14"The first country Ive been to"  1Feb 15, 2008jeena654  Plainsboro
15"Trip to the Dessert"  1  1Jan 11, 2008kandy1963  Kaiserslautern
16"Homes in Kuwait"Dec 18, 2007spsinternational  North Vancouver
17"Living in Kuwait"  3Nov 27, 2007ManaliR  State of Kerala
18"Kuwait"Nov 23, 2007xiquinho  Macao
19"State of Kuwait"  3Nov 6, 2007bwk_michael  Manchester
20"Living in Kuwait"  1Sep 14, 2007Dsmit  Cape Town
21"Hot, Dry and Intersting"  3Aug 13, 2007GandalfOnTour  Richmond
22"Welcome To Kuwait!"Jun 30, 2007Prole  Kuwait
23"When offered to go to Kuwait..."  11  55Jun 15, 2007Hexepatty   Hickory
24"kuwait!no comment"  2Apr 11, 2007grace1980  Mohafazat Mont-Liban
25"Kuwait Naval Base"Apr 7, 2007newakgurl  Anchorage
26"Kuwait City"  3Feb 1, 2007xpresso  Dubai
27"A Country admired by its residents"  2Jan 10, 2007MirrorCrax  Dubai
28"My life as an expat in Kuwait"Sep 3, 2006AmericanAmberinQ8  Kuwait
29"Our New Home"  4Aug 23, 2006TheHollands  Kuwait
30"KUWAIT : AN EXPAT COUNTRY"  61  139Jun 27, 2006pangtidor  Missouri
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