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9"Clearwater - next door to Tampa"  2Apr 11, 2007tampa_shawn  San Diego
10"Clearwater Beach One of The Best!"  3Dec 28, 2006sheluvs2fly  Clearwater
11"Things to do and avoid in clearwater"Oct 12, 2006chanderson1  Clearwater
12"First time in Clearwater, Florida"  1  3Mar 27, 2006KaisaL  Rockford
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15"Sunny Clearwater!"  7Dec 18, 2005cathyleens  Treasure Island
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17"Florida West Coast Enigma"  5  9Feb 17, 2005grandmaR  Leonardtown
18"Clearwater is nice! Very nice"  2Jan 16, 2005Hexepatty  Hickory
19"Clearwater Beach, Florida"  12  13Nov 12, 2004stevezero  Belper
20"Gulf Ocean Breezes"  1Nov 4, 2004goingsolo  Fort Lauderdale
21"Small town on the west coast of Florida"Aug 26, 2004ianvomsaal  San Diego
22"Great Beaches"Jun 22, 2004tsmfla  Heber Springs
23"Actually St.Pete, lived there 2001-2002"Apr 21, 2004jkmohio  Cleveland
24"Clearwater Beach has white sand!"  1  2Feb 2, 2004SunnyBay  Palm Harbor
25"Clearwater & Clearwater Beach"  3Jan 9, 2004HumblyServingChrist  Jacksonville
26"A work trip to St. Pete's"  1  3Dec 29, 2003Alain_Smeets  Molenbeersel
27"Clearwater, FL"  2  3May 8, 2003dln6874  Juneau
28"Christmas Visit 2002"  3Mar 31, 2003TheMalum  Piscataway
29"One of the best spots in the Tampa Bay area"  5  42Mar 29, 2003HotelMan  Hannover
30"CLEARWATER JUST FULL IN BEAUTY"  8  11Feb 21, 2003Malinduli  Dallas
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