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1"CAPE CANAVERAL"  3Oct 3, 2015ValbyDK  Copenhagen
2"Kennedy Space Centre"  1Feb 6, 2014KoalaB  Adelaide
3"Cape Canaveral"  1  2Jan 28, 2012dplesko  Zagreb
4"Cruise Port and Beach"  8  67Feb 2, 2011grandmaR  Leonardtown
5"Cape Canaveral: where men reaches the stars"  1Aug 16, 2010Cristian_Uluru  Italy
6"Cape Canaveral, Florida"Apr 21, 2010HSC123  Jacksonville
7"Cape Canaveral"  1Feb 20, 2010wroclawiak  Wroclaw
8"Cape Canaveral, Florida"  3Jul 13, 2009skipbourque  Westminster
9"Cape Canaveral"  3Apr 4, 2009sherita  League City
10"Our First Cruise"  20  49Jun 5, 2008cjg1  New York City
11"A Long Awaited Trip"  2May 8, 2008riorich55  Naperville
12"Space Shuttle!"  1  2Jul 15, 2007mmyerspa  Lancaster
13"Cape Canaveral"  2  5May 3, 2007smirnofforiginal  Hertfordshire
14"kennedy space center: booooooriiiiiing!!!!!!!!!!!!"  1Mar 25, 2007psyche327  Puerto Rico
15"JohnF. Kennedy Space Center"  1Feb 21, 2007tosse  Vimmerby
16"Cape Canaveral, Florida"  1Dec 28, 2006sedeshazer  Alabama
17"Mission Discovery"  1  1Nov 14, 2006keida84  Oxnard
18"The Space Coast"  3  13May 28, 2006surfside7  Cape Canaveral
19"Kennedy Space Center"  5  8Mar 13, 2006amybrooke  Canton
20"Cape Kennedy"  10Jan 14, 2006KARLPORTER56  Tampa
21"Kennedy Space Center, Florida"  2Dec 27, 2005meteorologist1  Chicago
22"Back in space."  2Nov 4, 2005darrenshipp  Orlando
23"Kennedy Space Center"  3Nov 1, 2005Eric-Sabin  Traverse City
24"Cape Canveral"  3  6Oct 26, 2005Wisxox  Houston
25"The Kennedy Space Center "The Cape""  3Oct 20, 2005rw-bigfoot  Kentucky
26"Cape Canaveral"  1Sep 4, 2005panderita  Cartagena
27"Meeting with space"  2Jul 22, 2005jatzenty  Sarpsborg
28"Cape Canaveral"  2Jul 10, 2005PeterVancouver  Tsawwassen
29"Kennedy Space Center"  3Jun 15, 2005applixman  Siracusa
30"Cape Canaveral"  3Apr 26, 2005hot_bi_pinoy  Miami
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