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1"Ships and boats and white clapboard ....."  4  15Aug 2, 2013leics  Leicester
2"Mystic"Apr 9, 2013Jim_Eliason  Arlington
3"Mystic"  6  14Jan 19, 2010donpaul77  Boston
4"Historical Mystic Seaport"  3Jun 4, 2009LadyRVG  Connecticut
5"MY STEP CHILDREN'S FIRST TIME BY THE OCEAN"  3  2Apr 27, 2009moiraistyx  Rock Hill
6"Exploring this historical town"  21  127Mar 25, 2009Gypsystravels  United States of America
7"A Seaside Town"  26  101Nov 5, 2008cjg1  New York City
8"Many faces of Mystic....."  6  15Jan 30, 2008Pawtuxet  Rhode Island
9"Mystic, Connecticut"  1  3Jan 1, 2008mikelisaanna  New Jersey
10"Mystic Aquarium"  3Dec 7, 2006PunkyJean  Milan
11"Mystic Seaport, Connecticut"  2  6Apr 17, 2006Herkbert  Williamsville
12"MYSTIC SEAPORT--A seafaring village"  8  10Oct 27, 2005VeronicaG  Texas
13"Cape Cod"  1  2Oct 19, 2005Legolas5  Haifa District
14"Mystic is my hometown"Oct 5, 2005pdrich  Mystic
15"Mysic, Connecticut"  1  6Sep 20, 2005al_mary  Massachusetts
16"Mystical Mystic, CT"  3  4Apr 12, 2005cheryl_the_mermaid  Montreal
17"Mystic, Connecticut"  1Jan 27, 2005Joyous1  Inverness
18"Old and New Mystic"  7  8Sep 16, 2004TempNomad  Brooklyn
19"coming soon! ;)"Aug 9, 2004Dancer_75  Merritt Island
20"Mystic, CT"  1  2Jul 26, 2004roamer61  Long Island
21"Mystic!? Nah."  1Jun 20, 2004Daisiedoll  Wilkes-Barre
22"More than Pizza"  1May 28, 2004austinmax  City of Manila
23"Mystic in CT"  3Sep 12, 2003AleMich13  Miami
24"Mystic Seaport in Mystic, CT"  2Jul 22, 2003meteorologist1  Chicago
25"MYSTIC, CT"  1  2Apr 4, 2003CJD68  Mason
26"Yo Ho Ho, and a bottle of Rum"  23  26Feb 15, 2003kaloz  Cordova
27"Mystic, CT"  6  14Nov 17, 2002dracko  Boston
28"Mystic Seaport: Tall Ships and Maritime History"  4  4Aug 18, 2002lourdesmaria  New York City
29"Some Impressions of Mystic"  5Jun 23, 2002imetluke  World
30"Mystic, A Seaport and Much More"  12  5Jun 15, 2002Easty  Hackettstown
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