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1"Fort Collins, CO"May 20, 2014armygal  Olympia
2"Fort Collins, CO"  4  19Mar 6, 2013xoxoxenophile  Brookings
3"Gateway to the Front Range and Rockies"  19  39Jan 5, 2010HasTowelWillTravel   Los Angeles
4"New Belgium: Bikes & The German Wife Factor"  5  6Dec 20, 2009richiecdisc   Munich
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6"Flying into Fort Collins-Loveland Airport"  1  6Sep 29, 2008Tugboatguy  Hollywood Beach
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8"Fort Collins, CO"May 16, 2008DanielleH  New York City
9"Great little city"  2Nov 3, 2007S_Adams  Fremantle
10"What's Brewing on the Front Range?"  21  49Sep 13, 2006yooperprof  Marquette
11"My home"  1Jun 14, 2006Quintillus  Fort Collins
12"Hail to thee, our alma mater...."  16  9May 28, 2006PinkFloydActuary  Gurnee
13"Fort Collins, Co and Estes Park"  7May 18, 2006TheHollands  Kuwait
14"Denver intro"  2Mar 3, 2006Caolonm  Laramie
15"FORT collins"  8  11Apr 29, 2005cheesecake17  Shizuoka
16"Fort Collins, Colorado - First Trip"  2  3Mar 25, 2005travellingtoco  Los Olivos
17"Living in the Rockies"  1  1Mar 14, 2005Hans2k5  Fort Collins
18"The Home of New Belgium Brewery"  2Jan 11, 2005nphau1016  Siguatepeque
19"Fort Collins, Colorado"  27  80Nov 18, 2004Rich62  Kearney
20"My Collegiate Home"  1Aug 13, 2004Beanamo  Fort Collins
21"This page is currently under construction."  2  2Jul 23, 2004Etoile2B  Venice
22"Fort Collins (Fort Fun!!)"  2  2Apr 18, 2004cucaracha  Cincinnati
23"Home Base"  8Jan 29, 2004thesweetooth  Fort Collins
24""home""  4  2Jan 1, 2004upthemountain  Bern
25"Lovely Fort Collins"  2Oct 10, 2003ashley05p  Fort Lauderdale
26"Fort Collins - Every 2 Years for CCC"  2  3Sep 27, 2003Packerman  Appleton
27"My (albeit sometimes boring) Home City"  3Aug 3, 2003flooredfun  Fort Collins
28""Fort Collins and the Rockies"  2Apr 29, 2003caver  Fort Collins
29"Fort Collins"Mar 17, 2003Calmgren  Fort Collins
30"Rissa's Fort Collins Page"  3  4Aug 16, 2002Rissa  La Jara
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