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1"Nice Place To Visit"  3  6Mar 1, 2014AVSENT  Phoenix
2"Dont PARK ANYWHERE!!!"Jan 20, 2014laMichele  World
3"The Springs"  3  5Jul 14, 2013Robynlm  Red Deer
4"Home of Rocks and the Olympics"  2  9Sep 8, 2012fred98115  Seattle
5"Colorado Springs Park Areas"  1Aug 16, 2011logansafi  Colorado Springs
6"Jumping in Colorado Springs"  2Jun 27, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
7"My home town"Jan 22, 2010VickieC  Colorado Springs
8"The Gold Rush"  3  5Sep 21, 2009Suet  Penicuik
9"Gateway to adventure"  2  6Sep 6, 2009Toughluck  Valparaiso
10"Colorado Springs, CO"  1Apr 26, 2009kawanua  Los Angeles
11"Wonderful open Spaces to See the Big Sky"  6  19Apr 11, 2009BruceDunning  Huntsville
12"Colorado's Second City"  13  59Sep 30, 2008Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
13"Home"  2Aug 16, 2008powderfan  Colorado
14"GARDEN OF THE GODS"  1  3Jul 1, 2008lilnyx  Lima
15"Pikes Peak"  3Jun 12, 2008jkhanley  Winnie
16"HOME..."  3Feb 22, 2008janke_M  Atlanta
17"Pikes Peak Region"  2  12Jan 31, 2008lifeisatrip  Joshua Tree
18""The Springs""  1Jan 29, 2008hawkengun  Colorado Springs
19"COLORADO SPRINGS"Oct 28, 2007LoriPori  Windsor
20"Home of "America the Beautiful""  1Jun 13, 2007sicr_2000  Colorado Springs
21"Four Years in the Springs"  1  7May 14, 2007DEBBBEDB  United States of America
22"Colorado Springs"  7  35Apr 8, 2007Ekahau  New York State
23"Colorado"  1Feb 22, 2007patyna  Concord
24"Pikes Peak, Colorado near Colorado Springs, CO"  3Feb 11, 2007northwoodsguy  Saint Paul
25"Live as if you were dying"Feb 4, 2007coboheme  Aspen
26"military town"  1Feb 3, 2007Colorado_armyguy  Colorado Springs
27"Just Moved Here"Jan 19, 2007Richard.Cornell  Colorado Springs
28"Colorado Springs"  7  19Aug 31, 2006AVG2319  Phoenix
29"The US Air Force Academy is Here, But Much More!"  5  6Aug 9, 2006Tugboatguy  Hollywood Beach
30"The sunshine state..."  4  5Aug 3, 2006Malibudt  Cape Girardeau
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