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10"Universal Studios - California"  1Apr 5, 2004TinKan  Hereford
11"40 years ago in Universal City"  1  2Apr 6, 2003grandmaR  Leonardtown
12"Universal City"  1  13Aug 7, 2002o00o  Tokyo
13"The place where movie magic comes alive."  7  13Jun 25, 2002janika  Ottawa
14"Where most movies are made!"  10  13May 24, 2002su_jen  Los Angeles
15"Kristara's new Universal City Page"  7  8Dec 21, 2001Gypsystravels  United States of America
16"Yubert's Universal City Page"  1  2Dec 8, 2001Yubert  La Mirada
17"o0o's new Universal City Page"  1Oct 26, 2001o0o  Tokyo
18"Mirella's Universal City Page"  4  5Aug 20, 2001Mirellaboer  Netherlands
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22"Movies, Magic, and Monsters"  5May 7, 2001TrueBeliever  Seattle
23"Ole_B's Universal City Page"  5  4Feb 28, 2001Ole_B  Norway
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