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1"A Great Family Getaway"  12  42Feb 12, 2015kehale  Mission
2"SoCal"  1Nov 18, 2014slavderin  Moscow
3"City of Jaccarandas"  1  2Sep 6, 2014iammon  Thun
4"Old Town San Diego"  6  10Jul 14, 2014jorgejuansanchez   Hospitalet
5"San Diego, CA"  2  10Jun 15, 2014Nor_Cal_Brad  San Luis Obispo
6"Navy town, one of my favorite cities in the West"  15Jun 5, 2014SexyRedLips  Huntington Beach
7"San Diego"  5  6Mar 22, 2014davesut  Manchester
8"Southernmost City in California"  1Jan 20, 2014Nancymk  Zionsville
9"Welcome to my San Diego Page"  3Dec 13, 2013Madasabull  Warrington
10"So Cal... So Cool!"  41  139Oct 19, 2013Jefie  Quebec
11"Another Beautiful Day in Paradise!"  20  87Oct 3, 2013garridogal  Boston
12"Weather Always Perfect!"  2  5Aug 31, 2013FatesWarn  West Chester
13"Got a week to kill in SoCal?"  1Aug 13, 2013jagheter  Los Angeles
14"Tampa_Shawn moves to San Diego"  50  96Aug 6, 2013tampa_shawn  San Diego
15"California's Birthplace"  33  146May 1, 2013goodfish  Minneapolis
16"Sandy Eggo"Mar 13, 2013femmevazaha  Berkeley
17"Introducing San Diego"  3Mar 5, 2013Africancrab  Sierra Vista
18"Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Co. - Liberty Station"Feb 25, 2013robertwaldon  World
19"Mission Bay in San Diego"  1  6Nov 17, 2012Anaid1  Regina
20"Basaic San Diego Page"  12  29Nov 14, 2012Basaic  Sierra Vista
21"better than a Motel overnight"  2  12Nov 5, 2012kenHuocj  Ottawa
22"San Diego, through the front door"Aug 2, 20126mirror  Oakdale
23"San Diego"  22  50Jun 26, 2012Agraichen  Chula Vista
24"Rancho Park Publishing"  1Jan 28, 2012MarieJQ  World
25"Beers and Beaches"  8  29Sep 8, 2011morochaargentina  Dallas
26"San Diego"  1Jun 2, 2011Weaslebeee  San Diego
27"California"  3Jan 8, 2011Sweet_Marina  Moscow
28"Quite possibly the best city on the west coast"  8  11Nov 18, 2010DSwede  Corpus Christi
29"San Diego"Oct 24, 2010xiquinho  Macao
30""AMERICA's FINEST CITY""  7  3Oct 20, 2010ViajesdelMundo  Los Barriles
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