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5"A little away from things"  3  13Nov 3, 2008Gillybob   Manchester
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7"REDONDO BEACH - My choice"  15  26Aug 8, 2007icunme  Rome
8"It's all about the beach"  3Jun 25, 2007MikeHope  Redondo Beach
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11"New Redondo page"  7Sep 23, 2005blaird  Naperville
12"Long Weekend In Redondo Beach"  1  1Jun 3, 2005Mark_12  Menlo Park
13"Circle Redondo Beach on Your Greater L.A. Visit"  5  14May 13, 2005marinarena  Orange
14"Redondo Beach page"  1Aug 18, 2004rynover  Redondo Beach
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18"The beach.."  1Apr 22, 2003sabe  Göteborg
19"Redondo Beach"  2Mar 19, 2003leese01  Redondo Beach
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