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1"Palm trees sway in a college town."  2  9May 23, 2012tvdandy  Panama City Beach
2"Palo Alto"  1Nov 12, 2010cactusmitch  World
3"Palo Alto - Silicon City"  1  11Apr 16, 2010cadiana88  Buenos Aires
4"It's Always Sunny in Palo Alto"  1  1Apr 5, 2010jenci838  Omaha
5"Palo Alto: Not Just Stanford's Home"  3  8Oct 4, 2008Lhenne1  Tampa
6"The Tall Tree"  15  61Oct 4, 2008Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
7"Palo Alto (coming soon)"Aug 5, 2008scip  Stuttgart
8"367 Addison Ave., Palo Alto, California"  1  3May 5, 2007Callavetta  San Francisco
9"Welcome to Palo Alto, and zip code 94305"  2  6Jan 15, 2006rwlittle  Panyu
10"Palo Alto - Home of Stanford University"  12  64Dec 17, 2005AlbuqRay  Albuquerque
11"Stanford"  2  11Nov 27, 2005titus  Palo Alto
12"Palo Alto"  3Oct 30, 2005awladhassan  United Arab Emirates
13"Palo Alto Stanford University"  6May 31, 2005KevinMichael  Niigata
14"Very chic area..."  1May 17, 2005venteeocho  San Jose
15"Palo Alto, California, USA"  7Dec 3, 2004elji  Palo Alto
16"Home of Stanford university"  6Aug 16, 2004Anthro  San Jose
17"Under construction -- please check back."  4  2Jul 30, 2004lizilex  Orcas Island
18"Palo Alto - Stanford University's hometown"  12  13Jul 14, 2004ATXtraveler  Allen
19"Baton_west was here with Yubert in August 2003!"  1Feb 2, 2004MarvintheMartian  Shanghai
20"Upscale University Town"  3  5Nov 16, 2003Rixie  California
21"A Taste of N'AWLINS in Silicon Valley"  7  8Aug 19, 2003Geisha_Girl  Le Soul
22"Palo Alto home of Stanford University"  1Jun 20, 2003Biljana  Vancouver
23"zChris' Palo Alto"Jun 17, 2003zChris  Cambridge
24"Palo Alto Home Sweet Home"  1Apr 6, 2003davecain  Palo Alto
25"Restaurant Heaven?"  3Mar 5, 2003pmarshuk  Yiewsley
26"GOING TO PALO ALTO"  8Feb 24, 2003heywinks  Boston
27"Stanford University"  3Jan 1, 2003wilsonlauusa  Seattle
28"Yubert's Palo Alto Page"  4  5Mar 25, 2002Yubert  La Mirada
29"mojo_jojo's new Palo Alto Page"  8  9Nov 28, 2001mojo_jojo  Palo Alto
30"divadsirrah's new Palo Alto Page"  1Oct 12, 2001divadsirrah  Virginia
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