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1"The Dome Rock"  1Dec 7, 2012jgacis  Alhambra
2"Big Lump of Rock"  2Jan 2, 2011npsdguy  San Diego
3"Morro Bay - Road Trip Day 9"May 31, 2010kop-queen  Coton
4"A Popular Central Coast Location"  5  9Jan 4, 2010trvlrtom  San Jose
5"Morro Bay stay cool while wine tasting."  3Jul 30, 2008toddecus  Manhattan Beach
6"Morro Bay perfect for a long weekend"  1  4Jun 9, 2008ddbleu  Martinez
7"Welcome to the Rock?"  6  32Jan 24, 2008Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
8"Morro Bay"  1Jan 12, 2008girladventure  Bacolod City
9"A place to take in the sights and smells!"  11  23Oct 23, 2007Yaqui  California
10"Morro Bay - first visit"  1  4Aug 6, 2007cindygoescoconuts  Reno
11"It is much more than a rock"  2  4Jun 27, 2007keida84  Oxnard
12"Uniquely Set Fishing Village"  8  32Apr 15, 2007atufft  Stockton
13"Ahhhhh....Morro Bay"  3Jan 17, 2007CaliHopkins  San Diego
14"Just follow the huge rock!"  6  21Oct 8, 2006tvdandy  Panama City Beach
15"SITTING AT THE ROCK OF THE BAY"  10  29Oct 3, 2006travelgourmet  Westlake Village
16"The Bay, The Rock and The Power Station"  7  13Aug 7, 2006johngayton  Lundy Island
17"A Northeastern Fishing Village on the West Coast"  1  6May 17, 2006Callavetta  San Francisco
18"Rock Of The Central Coast"  1Jan 2, 2005oceanair  Templeton
19"Love the beautiful Cali coastline"  1Dec 18, 2004new_hope30  Dallas
20"A Rock by the Bay"  2  3Nov 29, 2004mht_in_la  Los Angeles
21"Morro Bay"  1Nov 3, 2004Kaylin  Los Angeles
22"MORRO BAY, CA"  2Sep 29, 2004cencal10  Visalia
23"Morro Bay, Californa"  3Jun 28, 2004Benissimo  Visalia
24"Small town with lots to enjoy"  2Aug 1, 2003phildeni  Waldport
25"Morro Bay"  5  5Jan 2, 2003Skibbe  Austin
26"My trip to Morro Bay"Nov 7, 2002slolover  Antelope
27"Morro Bay"  1Apr 11, 2002bjjang  Los Angeles
28"VTCrusier's new Morro Bay Page"  1Mar 21, 2002VTCrusier  Flagstaff
29"Morro Bay, halfway Los Angeles and San Francisco"  2  3Feb 14, 2002Pavlik_NL  Arnhem
30"elighadams's new Morro Bay Page"  10  11Feb 20, 2001elighadams  Fresno
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