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1"Cozy Airport"  1Jun 3, 2014THLIN  Shenzhen
2"Long Beach"  1Oct 2, 2011Spearfish  Glasgow
3"Long Beach~"  59  255Jul 15, 2011Yaqui   California
4"Long Beach"  7  30Jan 18, 2011Jim_Eliason  Arlington
5"POSTCARDS FROM LONG BEACH"  4  3Dec 18, 2010ForestqueenNYC  Paris
6"Really a long beach"  10  46Nov 29, 2008Herwig1961  Weißenbach bei Liezen
7"Long Beach (coming soon)"Aug 5, 2008scip  Stuttgart
8"Born and Raised"  1Jul 26, 2008BeLLa_tRoUbLe  Long Beach
9"Not what I expected..."  1  1Jun 22, 2008kayleigh06  Helensburgh
10"The Busy Beach"  7  58Sep 19, 2007GracesTrips  Los Angeles
11"Great Weather!"Sep 7, 2007doyourememberme  Long Beach
12"Largest Port on the West Coast of the Americas"  3  16Sep 4, 2007atufft  Stockton
13"My Birthplace!"  1Aug 12, 2007jadedmuse  Saint Louis
14"Long Beach...where I live!"  2  4Jun 25, 2007jmv1224  Long Beach
15"Queen Marry"  3Mar 4, 2007Lapislazuli  Mountain View
16"Where is Everybody?? It was so quiet!"Feb 23, 2007hotlipz  Guildford
17"Long Beach"Nov 18, 2006zeldahigh  World
18"Long Beach"  1Nov 9, 2006Matyas  Fredericton
19"Beautiful Long Beach Where Many Movies Are Filmed"  19  30Sep 21, 2006Ritaroni  Long Beach
20"Long Beach"  1Aug 31, 2006ohmaid  Wakefield
21"Long Beach"  1Aug 2, 2006pharsadi  Diamond Bar
22"Fun during Day or Night"  2  3Jul 10, 2006Deise05  Chicago
23"Long Beach, CA"  2  14Jul 4, 2006WaRPer  Bangkok
24"Long Beach"  3  6Jun 6, 2006joits  Los Angeles
25"Long Beach"  1  2Apr 20, 2006bchurchill  Long Beach
26"Budda and me"  3Mar 28, 2006Pottendorfer  Stockholm
27"The City of Long Beach"  9  58Feb 2, 2006malianrob  Los Angeles
28"The week before Christmas"  24  45Dec 28, 2005kyoub  Fort Worth
29"This is a great place to visit while in LA!"  1Dec 27, 2005black_barbie  Evergreen
30"Long Beach"  1  2Oct 22, 2005raulaf  Los Angeles
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