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1"Giant Redwood Trees at Guerneville California"  2  7Dec 13, 2013Madasabull  Warrington
2"The Heart of Russian River"  4  8Dec 1, 2013JulieJueletha   Johnstown
3"On the Banks of the Russian River"  5  8Jul 12, 2008SteveOSF   California
4"Tall Wonders--The Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve"  6  15Aug 23, 2007VeronicaG   Texas
5"Russian River intoxication"  1  2Dec 12, 2006arasnosliw  Jolly Dump
6"Russian River Hijinks"  4  9Aug 10, 2005Callavetta  San Francisco
7"A Northern California River Retreat"  16  33Jul 16, 2003jessicadf  Novato