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1"Not Quite Gilroy, actually San Martin"  1  8Oct 30, 2010ahwahneeliz   Ahwahnee
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3"One Night In Gilroy"  1  2Jul 2, 2010vichatherly  Knebworth
4"Gilroy a Garlic Lovers Paradise!"  2  3Feb 9, 2009photochaser  Redlands
5"The best shopping ever"  1Aug 13, 2007b_c_k  Penang
6"Garlicky Gilroy"  5  25Jul 27, 2007Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
7"Gilroy was a great place to live."  4  13Jul 10, 2006rajron  Albuquerque
8" of garlic"Jun 24, 2006karen75  Toronto
9"Gilroy: The Garlic Capital of the World"  3  12Oct 24, 2005Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
10"Gilroy California"Jan 28, 2005luv2scrap  Gilroy
11"What's that smell?"  2  2Jul 9, 2003a_debaser  Los Angeles
12"10 years too long"  3  2Jan 31, 2003Shaft28  Austin
13"Gilroy -- The Garlic Capital of the World"  3  4Nov 25, 2000anna123  Vancouver
14"Eric's Gilroy, California Page"  1  1Jul 28, 2000ebloomvt  World