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1"College Town with Lots of Charm!"  6  24Jul 11, 2010GracesTrips   Los Angeles
2"Nestled in the hazy Inland Empire..."  1  2Jan 2, 2006marinarena  Orange
3"Claremont, CA"  12  2Nov 10, 2004meeshelmybelle   Claremont
4"An East Coast Feel on the West Coast"  6Sep 15, 2003Dundooni   Los Angeles
5"A nice, quiet city at the mountains."  1Jun 9, 2003janika  Ottawa
6"East Coast style town on West Coast"  10  1May 5, 2003kcbrit  Claremont
7"Claremont, California"  1Oct 4, 2002calliope2000  Old Tucson