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1"San Diego North County"  16  33May 30, 2010Jim_Eliason   Grand Prairie
2"Flavor of South California Town"Apr 19, 2010hscoolfire  Singapore
3"Go to Carlsbad whether you like Lego or not!"  4  7Mar 14, 2008marinarena  Orange
4"Regular Stomping Ground"  1Mar 13, 2008DerWisconsinWanderer  Wausau
5"Carlsbad by the Pacific"  3Nov 15, 2007ranger49  Wales
6"Under construction"  2May 22, 2007pbroad  Denver
7"Carlsbad"Jul 26, 2006sverresb  Oslo
8"Carlsbad"  17  31Oct 16, 2005Yaqui  California
9"Legos, Legos -- Velkommen hen til magisk Legoland"  9Sep 15, 2005Marywhotravels  Williamsburg
10"Carlsbad"  1Jul 18, 2005girladventure  Bacolod City
11"Carlsbad"  1Jul 16, 2005cnango  San Clemente
12"The page known as "$$$"-page"  1  3Jun 14, 2005sabsi  Düsseldorf
13"Beautiful Village By the Sea"  6  10Jun 4, 2005Ken_Weaver  San Diego
14"Lego Land - Carlsbad"  3Feb 14, 2005THECLIPPERS  Los Angeles
15"Carlsbad Village"  1  3Jan 17, 2005ian.from.oz  Brisbane
16"Carlsbad-by-the-Sea"  2Dec 25, 2004VdV  Los Angeles
17"Carlsbad, California"  2Sep 30, 2004meimivw  Irvine
18"Carlsbad"  2  3Jun 28, 2004cheap_tourist  Los Angeles
19"Carlsbad - beach, outlet mall and LEGOLAND!"  1  8Mar 27, 2004Sophie1980  Cambridge
20"Carlsbad, California--North of San Diego"  29  45Dec 19, 2003lmkluque  San Diego
21"CARLSBAD- One of southern California's crown gems."  2  2Dec 5, 2003Ed_G  El Cajon
22""I came for the meat""  2  13Nov 4, 2003Yubert  La Mirada
23"Carlsbad"Sep 26, 2003kiyotei  Carlsbad
24"Village by the Sea"  38  41Jul 3, 2003matcrazy1  Tychy
25"Carlsbad"  1Sep 3, 2002BEBA_Y_BEBO  Madrid
26"Tailspin's new Carlsbad Page"  1Dec 21, 2001Tailspin  Carlsbad
27"balieyes's new Carlsbad Page"  5  6Jul 22, 2001balieyes  Marbella
28"Carlsbad, "City by the Sea""  21  16May 2, 2001spartan  Oceanside
29"Carlsbad known as the "Village by the Sea""  9  10Dec 5, 2000Richmond  Carlsbad
30"alrondon's new Carlsbad Page"  1  3Sep 1, 2000alrondon  Philippines
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